Best 9INE Sticker Crafts: Part 2

Best 9INE Sticker Crafts: Part 2

After a bit of a break, we have returned with more 9INE sticker crafts! This article features 5 suggestions for sticker crafts that you can do with 9INE’s Paris 2023 stickers. This article only focuses explicitly on crafts with the gold sticker version, which you can find on for up to 17% cheaper than the Steam Community Market!

M4A4 | The Coalition (Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Gold)

Just like in the first installment of this series, we are kicking off this sticker craft feature with an M4A4 skin. The M4A4 | Coalition is a perfect fit with practically any gold sticker, but it looks even better with the 9INE (Gold), as not only does the sticker’s gold color perfectly match that of the M4A4, but the black text fits with the black portions of the skin.

M4A4 | The Coalition (Factory New): $599.99 (20% cheaper than Steam)

Total Craft Cost: $629.15(20.3% cheaper than Steam)

FAMAS | Commemoration (Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Gold)

The best Polish Counter-Strike team deserves only the best color-matching crafts, so next up we have this amazing FAMAS | Commemoration craft that is sure to impress everyone on the server. Not only does the completely gold skin perfectly match the color of the sticker, but the raised design around the skin fits wonderfully with the bold text inside of the 9INE sticker.

FAMAS | Commemoration (Factory New): $32.90 (20% cheaper than Steam)

Total Craft Cost: $62.06(15.5% cheaper than Steam)

USP-S | The Traitor(Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Gold)

Next up is an extremely aesthetic craft combining the elegant USP-S | The Traitor with our favorite sticker from the Paris 2023 Major. The gold sticker matches the gold accents that run throughout the skin while contrasting the deep red base color of the USP-S, making for one of the most impressive crafts you can achieve with this skin.

USP-S | The Traitor (Factory New): $69.69

Total Craft Cost: $98.85(4.2% cheaper than Steam)

AK-47 | The Empress(Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Gold)

This beautiful royally themed craft with the AK-47 | The Empress makes for a great pair with the previous craft thanks to their similar color schemes. The royal gold empress design naturally fits with the 9INE (Gold), while also providing a red contrast with the sticker. Best of all, you can make this craft for yourself for a whopping $23.2% cheaper than buying from the Steam Community Market!

AK-47 | The Empress (Factory New): $132.98(26% cheaper than Steam)

Total Craft Cost: $162.14(23.2% cheaper than Steam)

AK-47 | Bloodsport + 4x 9INE (Gold)

To round off this article, we have yet another AK-47 skin, however, unlike the previous four crafts in our list, this one doesn’t use a skin with gold on it. Instead, the craft works thanks to the red base of the skin contrasting with the gold sticker while the bold text displayed throughout the skin matches that seen within the 9INE (Gold) | Paris 2023 sticker.

AK-47 | Bloodsport (Factory New): $169.99

Total Craft Cost: $199.15