Best 9INE Sticker Crafts: Part 3

Best 9INE Sticker Crafts: Part 3

We have already covered some amazing 9INE | Paris 2023 sticker crafts in two previous articles(check them out here), but we aren’t stopping there! There are so many amazing sticker combinations that can be made with our favorite Polish team’s sticker, and we won’t stop until we have exhausted all of them! Best of all, you can get all of the components of these crafts from at a discounted price compared to the Steam Community Market

Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love (Factory New) + 2x 9INE (Holo)

The first craft in this feature is a colorful shotgun craft that involves only 2 of the 9INE (Holo) stickers, making it a more budget-friendly option(especially when you use BitSkins to buy the skins). The semi-translucent design of the sticker allows it to blend with the skin to make one awesome purple and pink craft!

Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love (Factory New): $15.86 (11% cheaper than Steam)

Total Craft Cost: $26.98(8% cheaper than Steam)

MP9 | Starlight Protector (Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Holo)

Next up is another colorful craft that takes advantage of the wide color spectrum of the 9INE (Holo). The bright design of the MP9 | Starlight Protector is a perfect fit with the sticker, which takes an already amazing MP9 skin and elevates it to a whole new level of colorfulness!

MP9 | Starlight Protector (Factory New): $34.33

Total Craft Cost: $56.57(1% cheaper than Steam)

USP-S | Black Lotus (Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Holo)

The USP-S | Black Lotus is a budget-friendly USP-S skin with a deep purple flower design, making it by far one of the best cheap options for USP-S skins. If you want to take this amazing skin and enhance it, we suggest applying a few 9INE (Holos) to brighten it and create a contrast between the varying shades of purple.

USP-S | Black Lotus (Factory New): $6.81

Total Craft Cost: $29.05(2% cheaper than Steam)

Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration (Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Holo)

In our first 9INE sticker craft article, we featured the AWP | Chromatic Aberration with 4 9INE Holos applied. Now, we are coming full circle by applying 4x 9INE (Holo) to the AWP’s Galil AR counterpart! The black, purple, and pink color scheme of the 9INE (Holo) makes for a perfect fit with the Chromatic Aberration finish, and combined they create an almost completely holographic craft thanks to the design of the skin!

Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration (Factory New): $11.44

Total Craft Cost: $33.68(1.5% cheaper than Steam)

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon(Factory New) + 4x 9INE (Holo)

To round off our third installment of the best 9INE sticker craft series, we have another 9INE (Holo) craft, this time with a skin that some might not have thought of when they first saw the 9INE (Holo). When you combine the elegantly designed Desert Eagle Kukmicho Dragon with four 9INE Holos, you get a perfect mix of ancient and modern designs, alongside the color and design enhancements provided by the 9INE (Holo), which matches the color of the Deagle’s handle.

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Factory New): $44.10(6% cheaper than Steam)

Total Craft Cost: $66.34(5% cheaper than Steam)