Best Crosshairs for CS2

Best Crosshairs for CS2

In any FPS game, especially CS2, crosshairs are one of the most important aspects of play. Having a good crosshair can be the difference between getting a frag and getting fragged, and it is vital to have a good crosshair in order to improve aim and other aspects of gameplay. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best crosshair options to use in CS2!

How to Use a Crosshair Code

Before we can start showing you the best crosshairs in CS2, you need to know how to use a crosshair code to implement a crosshair into your game. Here is a short guide on how to use crosshair codes:

  1. Enter your settings menu by selecting the gear icon in the top left corner of your game.
  2. Navigate to the the Game section, then select the Crosshair subsection
  3. Click the Share or Import button in the Crosshair menu
  4. Copy one of the crosshair codes you see in this guide and paste them into the menu that pops up. From here, you can play with the crosshair you pasted without going through the hassle of changing different settings.

Best Basic Crosshairs

Standard Crosshair: CSGO-7V8qr-zr9BJ-EdHJ7-H4Fq7-EyzQN

This super simple crosshair is just a cross with points going in all four directions. You can change the length and thickness of the cross in the crosshair settings menu in order to customize it to your personal preferences.

Dot Crosshair: CSGO-ZNmv8-PA2FR-N6zGc-PdqQs-54ksF

This crosshair is nothing more than a small dot in the center of your screen, making it perfect for one taps and aim gods. It may take some time to master the use of this crosshair, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

4 Dot Crosshair: CSGO-RRERM-uNB8J-viEVd-7DV95-NVBtG

This next crosshair is the exact opposite of the Dot crosshair, and instead features four dots surrounding the place where the one dot from the last crosshair would be. With this design, you can fit the heads of your enemies into the window of space between the four dots to guarantee a perfect shot.

You are also able to change the color of any of these crosshairs using the three-color sliders. Aqua tends to be the best color in terms of contrast with maps, but yellow and green are also great options as well.

Crosshairs used by Pros

To become a pro, you need to play like a pro, and what better way to do that than to use a professional player’s crosshair? We have selected five crosshairs used by some of the best CS2 players around that you can use in your matchmaking games!

s1mple crosshair: CSGO-at3tC-w6puH-VM7wr-c3wSu-5L5mA

S1mple is one of the most iconic Counter-Strike players of all time, so it just makes sense that so many players want to use his crosshair in hopes that they could be like the GOAT one day. His crosshair is quite interesting, featuring 5 dots as if it was a combination of the one dot and four dot crosshairs mentioned above.

NiKo crosshair: CSGO-B2wLe-YRN6T-MK8hY-Y6x48-T3SKF

NiKo’s crosshair is more suitable for rifling, making it perfect for players who take on the main rifling roles on their teams. The crosshair is a variation of the standard crosshair, with four lines pointing in all directions and a window in the middle to center your enemies’ heads inside.

ropz crosshair: CSGO-UcXBk-p9Jpo-tJiAr-J6qNc-mRFuA

ropz’s crosshair is almost identical to NiKo’s except it is more green and features a smaller window with larger lines. The crosshair is great for rifling and getting perfect spray transfers across multiple enemies.

ZywOo crosshair: CSGO-rbkP4-W4DbE-4SWii-Jf98b-pwhCG

Following the trend of similar crosshairs, the young prodigy’s CS2 crosshair is pretty similar to those of ropz and NiKo. It is similar to the standard crosshair, with thin lines and gaps between them, and he opts to use the aqua color rather than the choice of green that many other players go for.

Twistzz: CSGO-Gfqt6-ZjheF-jyOEr-2VjX8-XTFuA

If you like all of the previously mentioned crosshairs, but you cant decide which one to use, Twistzz has the perfect crosshair for you. It is a combination of all of the previously mentioned crosshairs, featuring a dot in the center, a window around the dot, and four small lines pointing in each direction. The crosshair is extremely versatile and suitable for all types of gunplay.

In the end, the best crosshair is the one that you play the best with! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different crosshairs, make changes to them, and continue to do so until you find the perfect crosshair for you.