Best CS2 Skins Under $10

Best CS2 Skins Under $10

Having more expensive skins won’t make you better at the game, and that’s a known fact. Opposite to many other FPS games, our skins don’t have special visual or sound effects to give you the fake delusion of having a better aim.

Although skins won’t make you mechanically better, swinging your enemies with an AK-47 | Wild Lotus and a pair of Sport Gloves | Hedge Mazes can give you an extra confidence boost.

And since you’re reading an article about the best cheap skins, you’re unlikely to be doing that for now. However, with 1762 total skins in the game, we have some good news for you! There’s an ocean of cheap CS2 skins that are pretty as a picture. And after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Glock-18 | Vogue

Introduced as part of the Fracture Collection back in 2020, the Glock-18 | Vogue is a beautiful painting with a colorful pop art design, capturing breathtaking blue eyes with shades of red and yellow.

This cheap Glock-18 costs a little less than $6 for a Minimal Wear, and can get as cheap as $3.50 for a Field-Tested.

Since there are many affordable skins for the weapon, the pattern-based Grinder, Block-18, and Bullet Queen are honorable mentions.

USP-S | Cortex

Although the USP-S doesn’t have as many cheap skins as the default T pistol, the Cortex remains the budget king with an impeccable design and a vibrant color palette.

With the skin referring to the actual cortex found in the human brain, it’s safe to say that you’ll be giving quite the brain damage with the silencer’s accuracy.

This pink masterpiece costs as little as $2.50 for a Field-Tested and around $4.20 for a Minimal Wear, quite the steal.

Desert Eagle | Crimson Web

The Crimson Web finishes are one of the oldest and most popular in the game, mostly in knives. However, the Desert Eagle is just as unique since it’s also pattern based.

Although the majority doesn’t overpay that much for web patterns, it’s a cool feature to have since you can apply some stickers for more swag and uniqueness.

Unfortunately, except for the Field-Tested condition and lower, the price goes off the roof outside of the $10 budget.

MAC-10 | Neon Rider

For only $7.80 you can get your hands on one of the best cheap MAC-10 skins in the game; Neon Rider.

Ironically, the weapon has a fast fire rate and so is a motorcycle rider. So, If you wanna look cool while rushing fast, then this skin is the optimal choice.

MP9 | Starlight Protector

The MP9 | Starlight Protector was added to the game back in January 2022, as part of The Dreams and Nightmares Collection and it received a warm welcome from the community.

With a powerful-looking rainbow Unicorn and stars across the skin, you won’t be protecting the starlight only but also the bombsite.

For a Covert rarity skin, it’s quite affordable as it goes for about $3.80 for a Field-Tested and $8.50 for a Minimal Wear.

AK-47 | Ice Coaled

With 49 total AK-47 skins in the game, the cheap options expand, making it hard to pick.

If you like bright vibrant colors, then the Ice Coaled is a great option to consider. For only $6, you can get your hands on a Field-Tested with minimal scratches. But the optimal condition would be the Minimal wear for a couple of bucks extra.

Otherwise, skins like the Slate, Legion of Anubis, and Phantom Disruptor are your best picks for darker dim finishes.

M4A4 | Spider Lily

Skins are subjective and to each his own based on the preferences, but some cheap CS2 skins have quite the flair and look expensive like the Spider Lily.

Stars in the distance with planets in backdrop, followed by an incredibly lovely flower captures a glimpse of the majestic beauty of our planet with its various flora.

All to the better of costing only $6.27 for a clean Minimal Wear. It’s worth mentioning that this skin also looks great in Field-Tested which costs relatively cheaper.

If you prefer the M4A1-S, then unfortunately there aren’t many options for it, with the Leaded Glass and bad condition Nightmare as the best picks.

AWP | Chromatic Aberration

This vibrant pink AWP has been dropping in price significantly since its release almost two years ago, making it one of the best options for the under $10 category.

On top of the great color combinations, it has a Chromatic Aberration similar to the Galil-AR, giving it a distinguishable and unique look.