Best Desert Eagle x PGL Copenhangen Stickers Crafts

Best Desert Eagle x PGL Copenhangen Stickers Crafts

The PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major will go down as one of the best in history with the ultimate showdown in the Royal Arena, witnessing the best teams lock horns in unforgivable battles.

Now, as the curtains close the only thing left is the memories and in-game stickers to stand as souvenirs for this incredible event. Despite the initial delay in releasing the stickers, they’re now available for purchase and craft.

For that, we decided to hit the server and find the best Desert Eagle crafts using a mix of Glitters, Holos, and even Paper stickers, so tag along and enjoy the ride.

Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive x FURIA (Holo)

The FURIA sticker continues to impress with each passing Major event, and the PGL Copenhagen 2024 is no different.

With similar color palettes between them, it’s a match made in heaven!

Desert Eagle | Printstream x Team Spirit (Rotated)

Since we recently received the best skin/sticker update, why not make the best of it?

Rotate one sticker upside down and have it kiss with the other dragon (sticker) to form a cool shape, almost like a storm or Beyblades.

Since we can apply only up to five stickers, you’ll get two sets and an extra one on the handle or your preferred position.

Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption x KOI (Holo)

Azure sigh, so deep, so true,

A vast canvas of endless blue.

It's one of the best matching sticker crafts on this list. It's so pretty we made a short poem for it. With the KOI sticker becoming a fan favorite among the community for having a spectacular holographic effect, this scrumptious craft is why crafting became so popular.

For extra spice, rotate the stickers horizontally for better spacing and flair!

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy x SAW (Rotated)

Similar to the AK-47 | Slate, the Desert Eagle Conspiracy is a canvas to craft and go crazy with the best sticker combos. And since the skin already has a fine line of gold/yellow, it would make sense to add the SAW (Gold) Sticker and create fun triangle shapes at the barrel.

Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox x Virtus Pro (Holo)

Except for the Cobalt Disruption craft, the items on this list were made with a budget consideration in mind. However, we must break the bank and boundaries for an expensive Fennec Fox with Virtus Pro Holo stickers.

Desert Eagle | Code Red x MOUZ (Holo)

Just like we made a blue craft, it's time to go for red with the Desert Eagle | Code Red. This combo is straightforward since we’re putting red on red, but overall it will surely get you some compliments.

Feel free to play around with stickers as they are symmetrical and can make infinite shapes and symbols.

Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐 x FaZe Clan (Holo)

If you like the red color but you’re too rich to cop a Code Red, then you can spend more money and flex with the Sunset Storm 弐.

FaZe Clan sticker’s holo effect blends in magically with the Desert Eagle skin for a craft worthy of spending the extra dollar on.

Unfortunately, the MOUZ Holo doesn’t look as clean, unless you’re opting for Gold stickers.

Desert Eagle | Blaze x Lynn Vision (Glitter)

It's about time to make a Glitter craft, and we picked one hell of a skin for it. Using the latest sticker placement, you can make a budget “flamethrower” but with matching colors instead.

Sometimes the beauty of something is in its simplicity.

Desert Eagle | Night Heist x FURIA (Holo)

We started our list with FURIA stickers, and it's what we close it with.

The Night Heist has been an underrated skin for the longest, with many players choosing a more poppy and in-your-face style. But, throwing a few FURIA Holo stickers will make an incredibly beautiful craft to spice up your one deags.