Best Green-Themed Inventory: SMGs Edition!

Best Green-Themed Inventory: SMGs Edition!

Green! The unique color inside the RGB color model. In this article, we are going through the best SMG skins that highlight the color green and fit perfectly in the green-themed inventory.

MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden

Starting, the MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden is a perfect fit for the green-themed inventory, which was released in The 2018 Nuke Collection, is a pattern-based MAC-10, the skin is a green gradient with the top being more light green and the bottom being more dark green on the body of the MAC-10. Buying the MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden on BitSkins grants you an amazing 23% discount at $4.49 instead of paying $5.86 on Steam.

MP5-SD | Phosphor

The best option for the green-themed inventory for the MP5-SD, the MP5-SD | Phosphor, released in The Danger Zone case, which is a case that has been delivered to us to celebrate the release of The Danger Zone battle royal mode that Counter-Strike brought in 2018. The skin has, as the name suggests, a green lime phosphor covering the top of the MP5-SD which adds a nice effect. You can buy the MP5-SD | Phosphor on BitSkins for $3.48 which is 33% cheaper compared to Steam’s $5.17 price tag.

MP7 | Impire

Having a cartoony and playful look, the MP7 | Impire, released by the Wildfire case in 2016 is a needed skin for the green-themed inventory. Not only has a play on the words “Impire” which is trying to say empire but because the skin has a bunch of “Imps” the creator decided to call it Impire. As said before the MP7 skin is covered by a pattern of a gradient of Imps that perfectly tie the skin up. Buying the MP7 | Impire on BitSkins, at the price of $2.12 will grant you a 29% discount compared to Steam.

MP9 | Hydra

The MP9 | Hydra, released in 2019 in the CS20 Case to celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike, is a classified SMG skin that links us back to Operation Hydra back in 2017. The skin itself follows the same theme as the Operation Hydra logo, lime green, which fits the green-themed inventory, and the Hydra in a dark black matt finish. Instead of having 9 heads, the MP9 | Hydra has 4 heads and is extremely detailed with small scales covering the whole body. Best of all you can get this MP9 skin in StatTrack Factory New on for 37.46$ instead of paying $57.69 on the steam market, which gives you a nice 35% discount.

PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod

Released in 2015 by the Revolver Case, not only the PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod is green which matches our green-themed inventory but it also has a cool and smart design, with the magazine of the PP-Bizon being the nuclear fuel rod canister and every time you reload it feels like you're inserting a new nuclear fuel rod. Better than the skin itself, is the price tag! You can buy this amazing skin on BitSkins for only $0.99, which is 31% cheaper than Steam’s $1.43 price.

P90 | Grim

For the P90, the P90 | Grim is an incredible skin for the green-themed inventory. Released by the Chroma 2 Case in 2016, the P90 skin is detailed which showcases a green grim reaper at the stock of the SMG, but also flying skulls of the grim reaper all across the handle. The skin has different shades of green, which compliments the skin and makes the green Grim Reaper look even more incredible. You can buy the P90 | Grim for as low as $0.06 on BitSkins, which is 36% cheaper than on the Steam Market.

UMP-45 | Plastique

Wrapping up, and another skin by the CS20 case, the UMP-45 | Plastique is a fine skin for the green-themed inventory. It is a highly detailed UMP-45 skin whithat trying to replicate a plastic C4 bomb and does it well at the same time. The bomb itself is the color green with very detailed wires, buttons, and circuits on the surface of the UMP45. As explosive as the UMP-45 | Plastique, you can find explosive prices for this UMP-45 skin over at BitSkins, for only $0.65! Which is 30% cheaper compared to Steam.