Best Hand Wraps Overprint Patterns

Best Hand Wraps Overprint Patterns

In CS2, gloves may not rival the popularity of knives, but they offer a unique touch of style and aesthetics just like the cherry on top of the pie, not really essential but adds an extra taste to it.

Hand Wraps in general are considered mediocre by many for the lack of uniqueness and great design which explains the cheaper prices compared to other pairs.

These gloves are said to be “preferred by hand-to-hand fighters” to protect the knuckles and wrists for perfect punching.

Hand Wraps | Overprints take their name from the black tape hand wraps being printed over with rubberized geometric patterns in blue which gives us three different pattern types; Polygon, Arrow, and Flower. In this article we'll take a look at the most popular patterns for the Overprints so be sure to tag along to learn more.

Overprint Patterns

Polygon Patterns

These patterns are widely regarded as the best and most sought-after by collectors. They feature a significant amount of the "Polygon" section of the pattern template, making them highly desirable. It's important to minimize the presence of the "flower" pattern as much as possible in all categories.

The Polygon pattern is the most expensive for the Hand Wraps Overprint as overprices can cost a hefty sum depending on the wear and pattern.

Pattern 427 (Tier one example)
Pattern 937 (Tier two example)
Pattern 675 (Tier three example)

Tier one patterns: 544, 64, 671, 341, 611, 807, 564, 810, 744, 24,

Tier two patterns: 133, 251, 945, 602, 924, 937, 788, 33, 187, 815, 367, 623, 919.

Tier three patterns: 35, 869, 877, 789, 148, 348, 224, 675,

Arrow Patterns

The Arrow Patterns stand out with their prominent "arrows" as the dominant feature, distinguishing them from the polygons or flowers found in other categories. Depending on the players’ preference, they can be as good as the polygons.

Pattern 467 (Tier one example)
Pattern 462 (Tier two example)
Pattern 875 (Tier three example)

Tier one patterns: 892, 122, 307, 162, 308, 52, 891, 658.

Tier two patterns: 92, 441, 183, 954, 161, 26, 102.

Tier three patterns: 37, 47, 52, 81, 916, 288, 402, 463, 71, 182, 952, 841, 237, 289.

Flower Patterns

Typically, patterns containing any amount of the flower pattern are considered to be of low-tier quality. However, some players do prefer this pattern to stand out and be unique or even for a good-looking knife-gloves combination.

The flower pattern is worth the least among the three mentioned pattern types for not looking as bright and aesthetically pleasing as the others.

Pattern 117
Pattern 127
Pattern 196

Other flower patterns: 10, 30, 57, 88, 197, 292, 295, 313, 361, 417, 774, 786, 850, 879.

In addition to the mentioned patterns, some Overprint gloves might have a mixed pattern. Mixed patterns are usually a combination of “arrow” and “polygon”, they’re not as popular nor sought after but are generally considered more special than most common patterns.

Keep in mind skins are subjective and depend from one player to another, what you might like can be placed in the lower tiers mentioned above but to you, it's a top-tier pattern.

Be unique, and creative, and enjoy what your heart desires.