Best Orange CS2 Skins: Pistol Edition

Best Orange CS2 Skins: Pistol Edition

Orange! A fresh, youthful, and creative color that brings positivity and vibrates happiness. In this article, we are going to show you the best orange-themed pistol skins in Counter-Strike!

CZ75-Auto | Tigris

Starting us off for the orange-themed inventory we have the CZ75-Auto | Tigris, an amazing-looking skin straight from the Breakout Case back in 2014. The skin itself has been painted with a high-gloss which shows the smooth and shiny type surface that we can see. We can see a tiger stripe motif theme all across the pistol, with black stripes, and the best thing of all this amazing skin is super cheap as well. Buying the StatTrak Field-Tested CZ75-Auto | Tigris on BitSkins will be 33% cheaper, at the price of $1.27, instead of paying Steam’s increased price of $1.90.

Desert Eagle | Blaze

With the Desert Eagle, the best skin for the orange-themed inventory goes to the Desert Eagle | Blaze, a fan-favorite deagle skin coming from The Dust Collection back in 2013. Its orange and yellow flame is painted all across the tip of the power pistol, making it a minimal simple design that many enjoy. Being a bit of a pricey skin, on BitSkins you can easily pay way less than Steam. Buying the Desert Eagle | Blaze will give you a fantastic 33% discount at the price of $525.58, instead of paying on Steam the price of $786.10, which saves you up to $260, talk about a killer deal!

Dual Berettas | Demolition

Released in 2013, by The Vertigo Collection, the Dual Berettas | Demolition is a perfect selection for the orange-themed inventory with individual parts spray-painted black and tangerine orange, a simple but elegant choice for the collection. You can find amazing deals on the Dual Berettas | Demolition on BitSkins.

Five-SeveN | Nitro

The Chop Shop Collection, released in 2015, has given us many amazing skins, but in this case, the Five-SeveN | Nitro from the collection is an amazing pistol skin for the orange-themed inventory. Very similar to the Dual Berettas | Demolition, the top of the pistol has been spray painted in black leaving the handle and the bottom part of the Five-SeveN spray painted in the same tangerine orange making it an amazing minimal skin for the inventory. Best of all, you can buy the Five-SeveN | Nitro on BitSkins for $25, which is 12% cheaper compared to Steam’s marketplace.

Glock-18 | Reactor

The Glock-18 | Reactor was released from The Cache Collection way back in 2013. This Glock-18 pistol skin is a well-deserved fit in the orange-themed inventory, with its orange top, covered in a pattern of small nuclear hazard symbols using metallic paints. The skin itself is pattern-based with a rare special pattern called the “Teeth pattern”, where the nuclear hazard symbols join together to create a shape to mimic teeth. The patterns that have the “teeth pattern” are the following: 112, 152, 204, 281, 521, 701, 743, 795, 803, 856, 914 and 956. Better than the skin itself is buying the Glock-18 | Reactor on BitSkins for a whopping 30% cheaper price.

P250 | Bengal Tiger

An amazing pattern skin from the Havoc Collection in 2020. The skin itself has been painted using a tiger stripe hydrographic which mimics, as the name suggests, the Bengal Tiger which does have a white and orange fur colour. The P250 is a pattern based on having a body with no white whatsoever, which is perfect for the orange-themed inventory, or having more of a white body depending on your style. Tier 1 Patterns with the most amount of orange are 55, 204, 217, 227, 268, 277, 460, 654, 714, 760 and 778. You can purchase a Factory new P250 | Bengal Tiger on BitSkins for $21.90, which is 19% cheaper compared to Steam’s price of $27.14.

Tec-9 | Safety Net

From The 2021 Train Collection, the Tec-9 | Safety Net has an orange mesh pattern with a finish style of hydrographic all over the pistol skin to impersonate the real-life safety net that we use, which is orange as well. Being cheap and unique, this is a good choice for the orange-themed inventory. Buying the Tec-9 | Safety Net on BitSkins will make you achieve a 25% discount compared to Steam’s pricing.

USP-S | Orion

A very popular USP-S skin in the Counter-Strike community, the USP-S | Orion is a fantastic skin for the orange-themed inventory. Released by the Huntsman Case in 2014, but later in the line removed from the case but not from the Huntsman collection due to copyright issues with Valve. Other than that the USP-S Orion has been painted in a modern graphic style, with a shiny black and dark grey stripe pattern along the top, with its orange outlines. The suppressor has these unique orange dots all across it to give even more depth to the skin. Best of all, you can buy the StatTrack Factory New USP-S | Orion on BitSkins for $109.27, which is a whopping 30% cheaper compared to Steam’s $155.57 price tag. Which saves you up to $46!