Best Orange Skins in CS2: SMG Edition

Best Orange Skins in CS2: SMG Edition

Orange! A fresh, youthful, and creative color that brings positivity and vibrates happiness. In this article, we are going to show you the best orange-themed SMG skins in Counter-Strike!

MAC-10 | Last Dive

Starting us off with the MAC-10 | Last Dive, an amazing skin for the orange-themed inventory. Released by the Spectrum Case in 2017, This MAC-10 has been hand painted with a randomised green and orange pattern, with a shiny surface giving off even more detail, having less special patterns is better because it shows off more orange instead of the cyan and green covering across the whole MAC-10. You can buy the MAC-10 | Last Dive on BitSkins for a very low price of only $1, which is 30% cheaper compared to Steam’s price.

MP5-SD | Nitro

Released from The Control Collection in 2020, the MP5 Skin has its parts spray-painted black and tangerine orange. Making it a minimal but elegant skin, which perfectly fits in the orange-themed inventory. Best of all, you can buy the MP5-SD | Nitro on BitSkins for only $2.45, which is 34% cheaper compared to Steam’s $3.72 price tag.

MP7 | Abyssal Apparition

The MP7 | Abyssal Apparition, released by the Dream & Nightmares Case in 2022. The skin has been customized and painted with a very highly detailed art, it depicts abandoned souls falling into a pit of nightmares. We can see the glitch effect being used, and in the magazine, we can see a human curled up and panicking. Overall, the MP7 skin is covered in a bold orange finish which fits well with the orange-themed inventory. Purchasing the MP7 | Abyssal Apparition on BitSkins will give you a fantastic 32% discount compared to Steam’s price.

MP9 | Rose Iron

Straight from the Winter Offensive Weapon Case in 2013, the MP9 | Rose Iron is an amazing choice for the orange-themed inventory. It has been hand-painted with a very highly detailed rose and thorn motif in metallic paints of mainly dark and bright orange with some aspects of red as well. Even better than the skin itself, you can buy the Minimal Wear MP9 | Rose Iron on BitSkins for only $4.55, instead of paying $6.51 on Steam, which is 30% cheaper.

PP-Bizon | Runic

For the PP-Bizon, the PP-Bizon | Runic is a perfect contender for the orange-themed inventory. Released by the Fracture Case in 2020, it is a super cheap incredibly detailed PP-Bizon skin. This skin features runes of unknown origin and a magazine that resembles a Gatling gun. With small but noticeable bright illuminating orange characters across the submachine gun and some holes on the end that show off more orange. You can buy the PP-Bizon | Runic on BitSkins for a very low price of only $0.05, which is 37% cheaper compared to Steam.

P90 | Trigon

For the P90, the P90 | Trigon is a fantastic skin for the orange-themed inventory. Released in 2014 by Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. It has many geometric orange shapes all across the skin and is painted in contrasting orange, grey, and black. The magazine is in orange with even more triangular geometric shapes with a small detail of them fading from left to right. Purchasing the P90 | Trigon on BitSkins will give you an amazing 36% discount, at the price of $14.06.

UMP-45 | Oscillator

Another incredibly cheap skin, the UMP-45 | Oscillator is a perfect skin for the orange-themed inventory, released by the SnakeBite Case in 2021. The skin is pattern-based having different patterns and different amounts of orange. It has a randomized pattern in orange, black, and grey. On BitSkins you can buy the UMP-45 | Oscillator for only $0.08, which is 29% cheaper compared to Steam’s price tag.