Best Purple Knives and Gloves in CS2

Best Purple Knives and Gloves in CS2

The color purple! A color related to royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. In this article, we are going through the best knife and glove skins that highlight the color purple and fit perfectly in the purple-themed inventory.


Doppler Finish

Ah yes, the doppler. One of the most popular knife finishes in the game, and a good-looking one too. With its gem-like patterns and looks it makes it a sought-after finish for many players of Counter-Strike. For the purple-themed inventory, we are looking at the Doppler phase 1, with its dark purple and some patterns of bright purple making it perfect for the purple-themed inventory. The first time we saw the Doppler finish was in 2015 with the Chroma Case, as the name suggests the game has given us splendid chroma finish knives, as we call them Dopplers, that we still love today. It depends on your budget or your liking on which knife to go, but you can buy the cheapest Doppler phase 1 on BitSkins, which is the Navaja Knife in Factory New at $194.10, which is 17% cheaper compared to Steam’s price of $234.49, which also saves you up to $40 when buying on BitSkins, talk about a good deal!

Ultraviolet Finish

On the other hand, if you are on a stricter budget but still looking for an amazing minimal and good-looking knife finish, the Ultraviolet is perfect for the purple-themed inventory. Released in the same collection as the Doppler knives, with the chroma finish, in 2015. With its only two colors black and purple it fits well with the theme and does not break your wallet as much as the doppler could do. With its spray-painted texture, it gives off a minimal look but is elegant as well. On BitSkins you can buy the cheapest Ultraviolet, which is once again the Navaja Knife coming in at only $71.69, a much cheaper price instead of paying 26% more expensive on Steam for almost $100.


Driver Gloves | Imperial Plaid

The Driver Gloves | Imperial Plaid are perfect gloves that fit well in the purple-themed inventory. Released by the Clutch Case back in 2018, as the name suggests, these pairs of flannel and leather gloves have an imperial hue, with its amazing purple color. While speaking of its amazing looks, let's talk about the price! You can buy the Driver Gloves | Imperial Plaid on BitSkins for such a cheaper price, at $248, instead of paying the extra and more expensive price of $344.96 on Steam, which saves you up to $100, talk about a killer deal!

Sport Gloves | Pandora's Box

Straight from the Glove Case back in 2016, the Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box became straight away a fan-favorite pair of gloves for everyone. Being one of the most expensive gloves in the game, but also in popular opinion one of the best looking. The black and purple gloves have a subtle pattern printed on the palms, making them more unique and having even more detail to live up to the price. Best of all, you can buy the Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box on BitSkins for $1,500, instead of paying 7% more on Steam and saving yourself $113.