BitSkins partners up with 9INE

BitSkins partners up with 9INE

Esports Organization, and Talent Management company 9INE has in a short time, established themself as the best team in Poland and one of the best teams in Europe, having qualified for 3 highest tier events during the spring of 2023. 9INE aims to re-establishing Poland as one of the most competitive Counter-Strike-scenes. The team and the players are already recognized in Europe due to their executional excellence and engaging fan base.

We’re happy to partner up with BitSkins. They’ve been around since the very beginning and are known for their great platform and smooth transaction. We will see engaging content coming out of this cooperation which is of great value for the fans as well as for both organizations.” says Fredrik Belstad, CEO of 9INE.

BitSkins, a reputable skin platform in the CS:GO ecosystem, operates out of Poland and is among the largest of its kind. Known throughout Europe and America, we are thrilled to offer our skin trading platforms to 9INE's fan base, providing them with a secure and reliable platform for buying and selling. Additionally, our new partnership promises to deliver a range of exciting activities for their fans to enjoy!

By partnering up with 9INE, BitSkins will reach the Polish fan base and a wider audience of fans worldwide. Together, the two parties will create engaging content and user experience for all the fans on Social Media and other platforms.

"I am delighted to announce our partnership with 9INE, which will allow us to expand our reach and offer our trusted skin trading platform to a wider audience in Poland. We look forward to working together to provide 9INE's fans with a secure and exciting way to engage with the Polish Counter-Strike community," says Anna Zamorniak-Urbaniak, CEO of

The Polish side has shocked the Europe RMR B by going 2-0 in their opening matches. 9INE's next game is today at 16:45 CEST against Team Vitality, so don't miss it!