BitSkins x CSGO Artworks: $500 Artwork Competition!

BitSkins x CSGO Artworks: $500 Artwork Competition!

We are pleased to announce BitSkins’ first-ever artwork competition in partnership with CSGO Artworks (aka cs_artworks), who are putting on this competition as a celebration of their 4-month anniversary!

The competition will begin on July 13th, 2023, and run until the 27th, giving all participants 2 weeks to complete and submit their artwork. All participants can submit up to three pieces of CS:GO-related artwork, and there is absolutely no theme or parameters for the artwork itself; artists have complete creative freedom to make anything they want!

Here are the rules for the event:

  • Submissions are done via CSGO Artworks’ discord server. You can join here.
  • Submissions are completely anonymous, a bot will automatically repost your submission (to prevent any bias toward certain users).
  • Watermarks that include your username are strictly prohibited.
  • Art submitted must be created specifically for the contest! (no submitting previously created work)

Prize Pool:

To celebrate this amazing contest, we have put together a prize pool of $500! (This is only the beginning 😉)

Three winners will be selected:

  • Most popular by community votes - $200
  • Most unique overall (chosen by a panel of voters) - $150
  • Most popular by panel’s votes (chosen by a panel of voters) - $150

We at BitSkins encourage all artists to submit to this competition, regardless of their talent or experience. Good luck, and may the best artists win!