BitSkins x Epidemic: Bringing You the first-ever Inspect Servers in CS2

BitSkins x Epidemic: Bringing You the first-ever Inspect Servers in CS2

BitSkins is extremely excited to announce that we are partnering with the incredible CS2 skin trader and collector Epidemic to bring you a fleet of over 40 skin inspect servers for CS2! The servers feature five different maps, allowing you to generate any CS2 weapon, knife, or glove skin you want to inspect in-game without having to purchase it. Sound cool enough yet?

Well, what's even cooler is getting to use the servers themselves! Just follow this short guide in order to connect to one of Epidemic’s many servers and inspect any CS2 skin you want!

South East Asia servers coming soon...

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How to add servers to your favorites

  1. ‎ ‎ ‎Open the community server browser from CS2.
    ‎∟ [Play] → Globe icon on the top.
  2. ‎Press the Favorites tab in the menu.
  3. ‎Click on the [+] icon on the bottom right.
  4. ‎Type in one of the IP's from above without the "connect".
  5. ‎Press ok.
  6. ‎Right-click on the server you have added and select "View Server Info".
  7. ‎Locate the section about "Auto-Retry", press on the drop-down and select "Auto-Join"
  8. ‎Wait for the server to auto-join you.

Now that you are in the server, follow these steps to inspect any skin you want

Step 1:

Find the inspect link of the skin. There are two different ways to do this:

First way - Item from Steam Inventory (Friends, pro players, ...)
Go to the inventory of the owner of the skin you want to inspect. Find the skin, and scroll down to the gray “Inspect In Game” button. Right-click on the button and click “Copy Link Adress”

Second way - Item listed on BitSkins
Just open the skins store page, and under the image of the skin, right-click “Inspect In-game” and click “Copy Link Adress”. You can also find the “Inspect In-game” button in the dropdown menu by selecting the three dots next to the Add To Cart option when you hover over the skin.

Step 2

Paste the skin’s inspect link into the chat of one of the three #get-gen-code channels in Epidemic’s Discord.

Step 4

A bot will immediately reply to your message with a gen code. Copy the gen code.

Step 5

Paste the code you received from Discord into the chat in-game. Keep in mind that if the weapon you are inspecting is limited to a certain side, you will only be able to inspect the skin from that side.

Step 6

Open the chat in the server, and paste the gen code. The skin will immediately be in your hands, and you can move around the map, inspecting it against different backgrounds and angles, and with different lighting. Take as many screenshots as you want, or record a video of you inspecting the skin using any recording software.

We hope you are as excited as we are to be partnering with Epidemic to help bring you this fleet of inspect servers completely free of charge to anybody in any region. See you on the servers!