Budget Ruby Knife-Glove Combinations in CS2

Budget Ruby Knife-Glove Combinations in CS2

Gems are a staple of the Counter-Strike skins scene. Everyone knows the famous Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Black Pearl. The biggest issue with these 4 amazing gems is they cost so much! Rubies are by far the best gems on the market. Beautiful red glistening in that CS2 sun! The only thing is it's so hard to find affordable Rubies!

Today, we are going to dive into the world of Budget Ruby Knife and Glove combinations! Enough with the chat, because you just want to see the combos, don’t you?

Gut Knife | Doppler Ruby and Sport Gloves | Scarlet Shamagh

This combo is one of the best Budget Ruby Combinations without a doubt. Currently, you can grab a Gut Knife | Ruby on BitSkins.com for 756$. The cheapest Sports Gloves | Scarlet Shamagh’s on BitkSkins currently are a pair listed for 167$. Combined this combo costs a total of 923$ only! Compared to a multi-thousand dollar Ruby M9 bayonet this combo just looks stunning!

The Navaja knife is commonly seen as the worst knife in Counter-Strike. I completely disagree with this opinion. The Navaja, when given the right finish, looks stunning, and the Ruby is no exception! Combined with classics like Slingshots you know this combo is just gorgeous! Currently, the cheapest Navaja Ruby on BitSkins is 609$, and the cheapest pair of Slingshots is selling for 235$. Combined this combo shockingly only costs 844$!

Shadow Daggers | Ruby and Hand Wraps | Slaughter

Shadow Daggers Ruby just looks stunning. An orange handle highlights a stunning red Doppler blade. Unarguably Handwraps go together with Shadow Daggers like bread and butter. The Cheapest Shadow Daggers Ruby are listed for 634$ on Bitskins, and the cheapest Slaughter Hand Wraps are listed for 244$. Combined this combo only costs 878$!

Bowie Knife | Doppler Ruby  and Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure

This combo costs more than the previous combos by quite a bit but is a great combination on the higher tier of “budget” combos. A Bowie Ruby sells for around 1,170$ on Bitskins.com, and Blood Pressures at the cheapest sells for around 81$. Altogether this combo goes for about 1,251$ combined. Quite honestly worth the money!

As you can see there are some absolutely stunning Budget Ruby Combinations! Ditch that default knife and gloves and flex on your teammates with a sexy ruby and stunning gloves. The only issue with these combos is staying focused on the game, not the spectacular combo in front of you! If you're looking to buy one of these combos make sure to go straight to BitSkins.Com for amazing prices!