Cheapest Cases in CS2

Cheapest Cases in CS2

Looking to make a small investment in some cases but want to prioritize volume instead of buying just a few more expensive cases. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the cheapest cases in CS2 so you can assemble the perfect investment with a low buy-in and a high potential payout.

Please note that this is not financial advice and that these cases may not achieve profit. If you do choose to treat CS2 skins and cases as an investment, familiarize yourself with the risks that come with "investing" in CS2. If you choose to invest, diversify your portfolio to avoid losing 100% of your buy-in.

Recoil Case: $0.15

First up is the Recoil Case, CS2's 3rd most recent case. At just 15 cents, the Recoil Case is by far the cheapest case on the market, and it is perfect if you don't have lots of money to throw at items in a video game. The case features popular skins like the AWP | Chromatic Aberration and USP-S | Printstream, and 24 different pairs of gloves including Broken Fang Gloves, Hand Wraps, Moto Gloves, Specialist Gloves, and most notably, Sport Gloves.

Snakebite Case: $0.19

Coming in second place spot on our list of the cheapest cases in CS2 is the Snakebite Case, which was just recently replaced in the Active Drop Pool by the Kilowatt Case. Now that the case is no longer dropping in the game, its supply will only go down, so if you want to invest in Snakebit Cases, the earlier the better. Then again, there is a massive supply of cases after 3 years of dropping, so be prepared to wait for the case to increase in price.

Fracture Case: $0.20

It's been almost 4 years since the Fracture Case was released, and it continues to be in the Active Duty Drop Pool to this day, making it the oldest case in the game. Interestingly, the Snakebite Case was removed from the pool before the Fracture Case despite being over a year newer. The Fracture Case is home to tons of popular skins, including the Desert Eagle | Printstream, the AK-47 | Legion of Anubis, and 52 different knife skins.

Revolution Case: $0.29

As CS2's second most recently dropped case and a part of the Active Duty Drop Pool, it's not too surprising to see it up here as #4 on the list of the cheapest cases in CS2. The case features 24 different glove types, including Driver Gloves, Hydra Gloves, Hand Wraps, Moto Gloves, Specialist Gloves, and Sport Gloves. Along with the gloves, the case carries the M4A4 | Temukau and the AK-47 | Head Shot.

Clutch Case: $0.37

Replaced by the Revolution Case, the Clutch Case has been outside of the drop pool since February 2023, but it still has a massive supply, with over 11,174 listings on BitSkins alone. The case features the same exact gloves as the Revolution Case(Driver Gloves, Hydra Gloves, Hand Wraps, Moto Gloves, Specialist Gloves, and Sport Gloves), and also has the M4A4 | Neo Noir and AWP | Mortis.


As we said in the introduction, nothing in this article, or any articles featured on the BitSkins Blog, should be taken as financial advice. Rather, treat this article as a database of the cheapest cases in CS2 that can be used to craft a cheap, diverse investment if you are interested in that. We hope you enjoyed the article!