Collection Overview: Inferno Collection

Collection Overview: Inferno Collection

Collections are a selection of CS2 and CS: GO skins produced by Valve themselves. A total of 37 collections have been released so far, and in this article, we will be covering the main skins from the Inferno Collection, which was released on August 14, 2023.

Tec-9 | Brass

Another restricted-tier pistol skin in the collection is the Tec-9 | Brass, with its unique brass parts covering the body of the Tec-9 pistol skin, it has higher float variants, and more of a detailed look of brass showing the patina color change, making it very realistic as well. The price tag is high for this skin due to it being rare as it is and as well as one of the fillers to craft higher tier skins. You can buy the Tec-9 | Brass on BitSkins for only $39.99, instead of paying $67.21 on Steam which is 40% more expensive. Which saves you up to $30, talk about a good deal!

Dual Berettas | Anodized Navy

Straight from The Inferno Collection, the Mil-Spec pistol is not only rare but also has one solid color of blue, which will fit in your blue-themed inventory well if you choose to do so. With its painted chrome base coat which has been candied in transparent navy anodized effect paint to give off a clean, shiny, and gem-like surface. Best of all you can buy the Dual Berettas | Anodized Navy on BitSkins for only $1.50, which is 24% cheaper compared to the Steam market.

M4A4 | Tornado

The M4A4 | Tornado is an industrial-grade tier rifle skin from The Inferno Collection. With its parts spray-painted solid colors in a tornado color scheme, it's a unique and elegant mix of dusty beige and light blue. Better than the skin itself is the price when buying it from BitSkins. You can buy the M4A4 | Tornado for $11.56, which is 23% cheaper than Steam.

P250 | Gunsmoke

The second pistol from the Inferno Collection is the P250 | Gunsmoke. A perfect skin for any white theme collection with its white background, which has been painted using a hydrographic of a gel pen gunsmoke doodle pattern covering the whole pistol skin. The doodle pattern is a smoke pattern, in this case from a gun. Buying the P250 | Gunsmoke on BitSkins will grant you an amazing discount of 25%! On BitSkins the pistol skin is only $3.54 which is way cheaper, as mentioned before 25%, than buying on the Steam Market for $5.

Nova | Walnut

One of the two shotguns from the Inferno Collection is the one and only Nova | Walnut, famous for being the first registered skin in Counter-Strike history! The skin itself is default but has a figured walnut stock, which adds a nice contrast to the wood and metal and adds an extra layer of detail to the skin itself. A perfect skin for people who like minimalistic skins or near default-looking skins. Not only is this skin well known, but also the amazing offers over at BitSkins! You can purchase the iconic Nova | Walnut.

MAG-7 | Sand Dune

From the well-known budget weapon finish, the dune. The MAG-7 | Sand Dune is the second shotgun skin and the last skin in the Inferno collection. It has individual parts spray-painted solid colors in a dune color scheme. It is not the best looking MAG-7 skin but can easily be pleasurably at a low budget, where you can buy the MAG-7 | Sand Dune on BitSkins for the low price of $1.12, which is 21% cheaper than buying the shotgun skin from the Steam Market.