Collection Overview: The Lake Collection

Collection Overview: The Lake Collection

Collections are a selection of CS2 and CS: GO skins produced by Valve themselves. A total of 37 collections have been released, in this article, we are going to be covering the main skins from The Lake Collection, which was first released with the Arms Deal Update on August 14, 2013.

Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz

The Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz are a restricted pair of pistols straight from The Lank Collection. The whole body of both pistols has been painted with metallic paint, using a crystallizing mask to create a detailed geometric pattern, the skin is blue as well so it's a perfect skin for the blue-themed inventory. Best of all you can grab the Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz on BitSkins for a very cheap price of only $0.11, which is 21% cheaper compared to Steam Market’s price tag.

SG 553 | Anodized Navy

Straight from The Lake Collection, the Mil-Spec rifle is not only rare but also has one solid color of blue, which will fit in your blue-themed inventory well if you choose to do so. With its painted chrome base coat which has been candied in transparent navy anodized effect paint to give off a clean, shiny and blue gem-like surface. You can buy the Mil-Spec SG 553 | Anodized Navy on BitSkins for as low as only $0.43, which is a fantastic 28% cheaper compared to the Steam market.

USP-S | Night Ops

Lastly, the USP-S | Night Ops is a Mil-Spec tier pistol skin from the collection. With its unique navy blue-themed camo pattern covering all the body of the USP-S and could also fit in a blue-themed inventory. Being super inexpensive it is an amazing choice for a new and unique USP-S skin for your collection. Better than the skin itself is the price over at BitSkins, you can purchase the USP-S | Night Ops for only $0.28, which is 27% cheaper compared to the Steam Market.

AWP | Safari Mesh

Ah yes, the AWP | Safari Mesh, one of, if not the most popular budget skin in Counter-Strike! Straight from The Lake Collection, it has been spray-painted using mesh fencing and cardboard cutouts as stencils, creating a camouflage-like pattern, so it is perfect for any military-themed skins or even a tan or beige-themed inventory. As said before in being the most popular budget skin in Counter-Strike, over on BitSkins you can find popular amazing offers on the AWP | Safari Mesh is as low as $0.03, which is an amazing 50% cheaper compared to the Steam Marketplace.

XM1014 | Blue Steel

Popular for its blue weapon finish on knives, the XM1014 | Blue Steel is a shotgun skin from The Lake Collection. The skin itself has been cold-blued to give it the shiny dark blue finish that we all love, and instead of being on a knife, it's on a shotgun! This can create nice combos when equipping both the shotgun and a Blue Steel finish knife in the game. You buy the XM1014 | Blue Steel on BitSkins for as low as $0.01, which is a whopping 80% cheaper than on Steam.

P90 | Teardown

Finally, we conclude with the P90 | Teardown, a bicolor pattern P90 skin from The Lake Collection. It has been spray-painted freehand using mesh fabric as a stencil, which creates an amazing pattern with the contrast of the blue and red and overall just pops out to the viewer or user of this skin. Like always, you can find really good offers over at BitSkins. Buying the P90 | Teardown will reward you with a sweet 26% discount at the price of $0.26, instead of paying $0.35 on the Steam Market.