Collection Overview: The Militia Collection

Collection Overview: The Militia Collection

Collections are a selection of CS2 and CS: GO skins produced by Valve themselves. A total of 37 collections have been released, in this article, we will be covering the main skins from The Militia Collection, one of the first collections added to the game.

SCAR-20 | Splash Jam

Starting with the SCAR-20 | Splash Jam, a classified tier sniper rifle skin straight from The Militia Collection, with its super unique pink photographic hunting camo hydrographic covering most of the body of the rifle. Being pink, it can easily fit in any pink-themed inventory and can be used to create some amazing pink crafts. Best of all you can purchase the amazing SCAR-20 | Splash Jam on BitSkins for $39.80, which is 14% cheaper compared to Steam Market’s pricing.

M4A4 | Modern Hunter

The M4A4 | Modern Hunter is a restricted tier rifle skin, with its amazing detailed photographic hunting camo hydrographic, similar to the SCAR-20 | Splash Jam, which resembles an autumn forest with branches, twigs, and yellow leaves scattered across the surface of the rifle skin. Better than the skin itself is the price tag over at BitSkins, you can buy the M4A4 | Modern Hunter for around $84.90, instead of paying the 12% increased price of $96.11 on Steam, and give yourself a nice discount.

Nova | Blaze Orange

Rounding it off with the Nova | Blaze Orange, a mil-spec tier shotgun skin from The Militia Collection. As the name suggests, the skin is covered in another style of hunting camo hydrographic, which is the theme of the collection, but this time in a hot orange color. With this color orange, it can easily fit well in an orange-themed inventory if you wish to do so. The main theme of this Nova is mainly woodland, with a whole branch going through with an orange background with foliage pattern going through the whole shotgun, to mimic a forest. It has highly detailed branches in the background to give a better overall quality to the artwork. You can buy the Nova | Blaze Orange on BitSkins for $14.99, which is 14% cheaper than Steam.

PP-Bizon | Modern Hunter

The PP-Bizon | Modern Hunter is a beautiful elegant SMG skin from The Militia Collection. It has been painted using a photographic hunting camo hydrographic, with gold leaves covering the white forest background which represents both goodness and divinity. A perfect skin for any gold or white-themed inventories. Even better than the skin itself, is the price tag over at BitSkins! You can find amazing offers of the PP-Bizon | Modern Hunter over at BitSkins.

MAC-10 | Tornado

The Militia Collection gave us the MAC-10 | Tornado, a simple but clean SMG skin. It has individual parts spray-painted solid colors in a tornado color scheme, with the two colors being beige and light blue. With its simple solid colors, it is popular to do crafts on the skin and to fit in any beige or light blue-themed inventories. Purchasing the MAC-10 | Tornado on BitSkins for the cheap price of only $1.75, will grant you a fantastic 32% discount compared to the Steam Market.

P2000 | Grassland Leaves

Finally, the P2000 | Grassland leaves, a pistol skin from The Militia Collection. A fantastic condenter for any camouflage-themed inventories with its amazing spray-painted body using leaves as stencils to create a smooth and clean camouflage layer. You find amazing offers of the P2000 | Grassland Leaves over at BitSkins.