Collection Overview: The Mirage Collection

Collection Overview: The Mirage Collection

Collections are a selection of CS2 and CS: GO skins produced by Valve themselves. A total of 37 collections have been released, in this article, we are going to be covering the main skins from The Mirage Collection, which was released on November 27, 2013.

MAG-7 | Bulldozer

Starting with the MAG-7 | Bulldozer, which is an amazing restricted tier shotgun skin from The Mirage Collection, with its unique bright solid yellow in a production line yellow color scheme, which covers the body of the MAG-7 and makes it perfect as well for anyone who needs a yellow shotgun skin for their yellow-themed inventory. You can buy the MAG-7 | Bulldozer on BitSkins for $16.79, instead of paying a 19% increase in price over at Steam for $20.84.

MP9 | Hot Rod

A Mil-Spec SMG skin, the MP9 | Hot Rod is painted with a chrome base coat and candied in transparent red anodized effect paint. The Hot Rod is a famous finish style, being in other collections as well and at the same time being a fantastic choice for a red-themed inventory with its shiny metallic red, which is appealing to many players in Counter-Strike. Best of all you can find the MP9 | Hot Rod on BitSkins with many different and amazing offers for you to pick from, at always a cheaper price than Steam, for example, you can buy the MP9 | Hot Rod for $70.61, instead of paying 23% more on Steam and making you save up to $22.

UMP-45 | Blaze

Next, we have the UMP-45 | Blaze, a mil-spec tier SMG skin straight from The Mirage Collection. Its orange and yellow flame is painted all across the tip of the SMG, making it a minimal simple design that many enjoy. Buying the UMP-45 | Blaze will give you a fantastic 23% discount at the price of $15, instead of paying on Steam the price of $19.46.

MAC-10 | Amber Fade

With the same finish as a previous collection skin, the P2000 | Amber Fade, the MAC-10 | Amber Fade is a mil-spec tier SMG skin. Having the same airbrushing transparent paints that fade together over a chrome base coat finish but in a different color. With the new Counter-Strike 2 update, the skin has had a significant buff with it being way more shiny. You can buy the MAC-10 | Amber Fade on BitSkins for $14.99, instead of paying the increased price of $19.89 on Steam.

Glock-18 | Groundwater

The Glock-18 | Groundwater is an industrial-grade pistol skin from The Mirage Collection. It has individual parts spray-painted solid colors in an olive-drab color scheme, perfect for any green-themed inventories or anyone interested in solid color skins. Even better than the skin itself is the price tag over at BitSkins! You can purchase the Glock-18 | Groundwater in a souvenir version as well so you can have nice shiny golden stickers with it, for only $4.20, which is 3% cheaper compared to the Steam Market.

SSG 08 | Tropical Storm

Lastly, we have the SSG 08 | Tropical Storm from The Mirage Collection. It has been spray-painted using cardboard cutouts, fine mesh, and palm leaves as stencils, and gives it that tropical tree pattern look, as the name suggests. It has different shades of blue, so in general will fit well in any blue-themed inventory and will perfectly fit with any blue stickers applied on this SSG skin. Not only is the skin terrific, but also the amazing prices and discounts for it over at BitSkins. You can buy the SSG 08 | Tropical Storm for only $16.42 at 10% cheaper than Steam.