CS2/CS:GO Teams That Have Won the Most Majors

CS2/CS:GO Teams That Have Won the Most Majors

After covering CS2 pros with the highest earnings and most majors as well as CS2 teams with the highest earnings, it is finally time to look at which teams have won the most CS2 majors. Major championships are the premier event in CS2, and even getting to one is an accomplishment that 0.000001% of players get to do. Twice per year, 24 teams go to a major to fight it out for glory, and just 1 team comes out victorious, meaning that any team that has won a major is deserving of serious recognition. There is no such thing as an easy major win, which is why winning multiple majors is an absolutely insane achievement. In this article, we are taking a look at the undebatable elite titans of Counter-Strike: the teams with the most CS:GO and CS2 major wins.

Astralis - 4 Majors

It's no surprise to any Counter-Strike veterans that Astralis tops this list with a historic 4 major wins over 3 years, 3 of which occurred in a row.  Through all 4 majors, the team remained almost exactly the same, with just one roster change after the first win. By the time the roster won Astralis its 4th prestigious major title, cementing the team and organization in esports history, it was the fourth Major win for dupreeh, Xyp9x, dev1ce, and gla1ve, and the third for Magisk. Together, these players thrived and set a major win record that will be very hard to top for quite some time, though, with Astralis's recent subpar performances, teams like NaVi may catch up soon

Fnatic - 3 Majors

Next up Fnatic, who won 3 majors in the early days of CS:GO, with the final win taking place in 2015. They got their first win as a team in DreamHack Winter 2013, the first CS:GO major, and won 2 in 2015 to make themselves the first sign their names in the book of Counter-Strike history. By the time Fnatic won their last major right after winning their second just months earlier, 3 of the players had won their third major, while the other 2 secured their second. The team has yet to lift a major trophy since ESL One Cologne 2015, and we are closing in on a decade since their last win, but it doesn't mean that Fnatic can't make a comeback and further establish themselves as titans of Counter-Strike

Natus Vincere - 2 Majors

NaVi's 2 major wins are extra special, at least for the next few months, because so far they are the only team to win a major in CS2 and CS:GO. However, several teams could win the Shanghai 2024 Major and ruin NaVi's bragging right, so they better get all of their gloating out before it is too late. NaVi has brought nothing but consistently outstanding performances to the Counter-Strike Major stage, and one can argue that they should have won more majors than they actually have, but they still have plenty of time to live up to those expectations.

Luminosity\SK Gaming - 2 Majors

Yes, we know that Luminosity and SK Gaming are two different teams, but we decided to give them credit in this article, because, frankly, they are the same team. They may be different organizations, but the same exact players won those two trophies, so they were still the same team when they won their two consecutive majors. The Luminosity and SK Gaming team consisted of:

  • Marcelo “coldzera” David
  • Epitácio “TACO” de Melo
  • Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo
  • Fernando “fer” Alvarenga
  • Lincoln “fnx” Lau

These players united across two organizations and didn't let any transition slow down their performance, and they deserve all of the recognition that they have received and more.