CS2 Doppler Phases Guide

CS2 Doppler Phases Guide

Dopplers are some of the most iconic knife finishes in CS2. They are available on tons of knives, and their advanced pattern system makes their unmatched beauty complex. This pattern system is split into 7 different phases, which we will discuss in this article. Every Doppler pattern belongs to a specific phase, and certain phases are worth a LOT more than others. Without further adieu, let's dive into our Doppler phase guide for CS2.

Phase 1

The first Doppler phase is called Phase 1. It is pretty simple, with a mostly black/deep purple design with small pink and purple accents sprinkled throughout the blade. The Phase 1 Doppler is cheaper than most other phases, but it isn’t necessarily the cheapest phase for every knife.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Dopplers are the most popular and expensive of the 4 base phases. Recently, CS2 updated their appearance, and they now look like a whole new gem knife(like Ruby and Sapphire which we will discuss shortly). Phase 2 Dopplers are the reverse of Phase 1, with a mostly pink design with minuscule dark purple accents, and some may describe them as looking like a bright pink lightsaber.

Phase 3

Phase 3 Dopplers are the least popular Doppler knives due to their simple color design. They mostly just look like black knives with streaks of blue in them as well as occasional green accents that usually dont look too great, so most players dont see much value in them with the exception of a few who prefer Phase 3 dopplers over the other phases.

Phase 4

Finishing off our base phases are Phase 4 Dopplers, which have a practically 50/50 split between black and blue sections on the knife. The location of the black and blue accents can move with different patterns, but there is almost always a similar amount of each color. Phase 4 Dopplers are not quite as popular as Phase 2 Dopplers, but are still very popular relatively with most other knives out there.

Black Pearl

To start our exploration of rarer and more expensive Doppler phases, we have the black pearl phase. Black pearls feature a completely black design, making them very desirable due to the lack of any purple, pink, or blue accents. There are currently two black pearls listed on BitSkins, both of which are Gut Knives, and they start at $1,111.


Ruby knives are one of the most expensive and recognizable doppler phases, and if you are sporting one of these in-game, your teammates definitely be jealous. Ruby knives feature a completely red design that resembles the appearance of blood-red ruby gemstones in real life. There are currently 38 Ruby Doppler finishes listed on BitSkins, ranging from $830 for a Navaja Knife to $13,300 for a Butterfly Knife.


We have finally reached the pinnacle; the most expensive Doppler knives, and some of the most expensive knives in the game. Sapphire knives are incredibly expensive due to their immaculate solid blue appearance resembling the beloved sapphire gemstone that is as rare in real life as it is in CS2. BitSkins currently has 37 listings for Sapphire finishes on Doppler knives, starting at $947 for a Navaja Knife and reaching prices as high as $20,990 for a 0.001 float Butterfly Knife with a sapphire finish.