CS2 Inferno T-Side smokes

CS2 Inferno T-Side smokes

Inferno was the latest overhauled map to be added to Counter-Strike 2, and although the map’s layout stayed true to its Global Offensive counterpart, the overhaul touched on the most important parts, including upgraded visuals and wider/tighter corridors that make the utility lineups change accordingly.

The visual tweaks and tick rate changes have also impacted lineups on Inferno similar to other CS2 maps. For that reason, we decided to hop on a server and look for the best and easiest lineups to help you climb the Premier matchmaking leaderboard.

B Bombsite Utility

Getting into the B site without proper utility and team coordination can be a death trap considering the many blind spots for the CTs to hide in. Taking the site, therefore, feels impossible, unless you use these simple and effective pieces of utility to push them out of position and into your crosshair.

For the car Molotov, it's the same as in CS:GO, as well as the wall flashes for your entry player. However, the rest is different since CS2 has no skybox.

CT Smoke:

Smoking the CT position is essential if you want a safe cross and bomb plant since a CT player is more likely to be posted there. Though the common CT smoke is relatively easier and faster to throw, it’s optimal to use the second one below which covers the boost area.

This lineup doesn't cover the boost spot
This lineup completely blocks vision from CT

Coffins Smoke & Molotov:

This smoke and Molotov combination is perfect to take site control and push away any sneaky enemy who might be waiting for the bomb plant in the smoke.

Coffins Smoke
Coffins molotov

New Box & Oranges Molotov:

New box and oranges are the most common positions to find a CT player. Since hard clearing the positions might be dangerous, a Molotov would do the job for you.

New box molotov

A Bombsite Utility

Contrary to the B bombsite, with only one access path through Banana, the A bombsite is accessible through short, long and apartments, which means more utility is required to make space and enter the site with as few casualties on your team as possible.

Long smokes:

Knowing these long smokes opens up an ocean of opportunities and tactics to outsmart your enemies as you can use these different smokes to either have A site control or simply split to B site through CT.

Library smoke from mid
Library smoke from second mid
Arch smoke
Moto long smoke
Moto smoke from pit

Apartments smoke and pit molotov:

If you ever end up in apartments and get uncomfortable peeking or rushing out, then this smoke will allow you to exit apartments onto the balcony without much risk.

Apartements smoke
Pit molotov from aps

Short smokes and molotov:

Since the new Inferno changed the map's aesthetics and environment, the old CS:GO molotov is no longer working. However, the new lineups are fairly easy to throw so better be safe than sorry while spectating your teammate.

Short smoke
Short molotov
Under balcony molotov

To sum it up, the utility pieces we covered for Inferno are essential if winning is your ultimate goal. There is more than one lineup for each piece of utility, but as long as you memorize these lineups by heart, you should be set up to compete at any level of the competitive ladder.

We've got more articles coming your way, where we'll explore utility tricks on other maps. So, stay tuned for more CS2 content and discoveries in the future.