CS2 Map Sides: Which Maps are T or CT Sided?

CS2 Map Sides: Which Maps are T or CT Sided?

As much as we want the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist sides in CS2 to be evenly balanced, they aren't exactly. Each map is slightly leaning towards one direction, giving one team a very minimal advantage over their opponents. In this article, we will be taking a look at every CS2 map to determine whether it is CT or T-sided.

Keep in mind that a map being CT/T-sided shouldn't dictate your approach to each side. Your performance on each side is dependent on many factors, and whether a map is CT or T-sided has almost no impact compared to other factors. These statistics are based on trends, but they should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Mirage: CT Sided

Thanks to open bombsites, quick rotations, and great timing for CTs, the most played map in CS2 is CT-sided, and by a notable margin! CTs win 54.2% of rounds on Mirage, while Ts win just 45.8%, meaning that the CT side is 8.4% more likely to win a round in a perfectly even round where every player has equal skill and there are no anomalies.

Nuke: CT Sided

Like Mirage, Nuke leans towards CT sided by a notable margin. CTs win 55.2% of rounds on Nuke, meaning they have a 10.4% edge over the Ts with 44.8%. This CT edge can be attributed to CT-favored timing, quick rotations, and tons of noise cue that can make Ts easy to locate.

Vertigo: T Sided

We have our first T-sided map on the top floors of Vertigo, where Ts win 52.2% of rounds compared to the CT's 47.8% win rate. After all, they don't call Vertigo "Ramp Rush Simulator" for no reason, they call it that because Ts can get a massive edge over Counter-Terrorists from a simple entry kill on an A ramp rush.

Overpass: CT Sided

Overpass is the second most one-sided map by a significant margin, with Counter-Terrorists winning a whopping 56.4% of rounds, giving them a 12.8% edge over the Terrorists. This can be attributed to the quick timings, easy-to-cover angles, and very fast rotations that make Overpass a fast-paced map.

Inferno: T Sided

Inferno has been around for a very long time, and it has gone through a lot of phases of favoring certain sides, but this may be the most balanced the map has been. As of 2 months ago, Terrorists won 51.6% of rounds, giving them a slight 3.2% edge over the Counter-Terrorists, which means that most Inferno halves are either 6-6 or 7-6 in favor of the Terrorists at best.

Anubis: T Sided

CS2's most recently added map is the most one-sided map in the game, with an insane 56.7% Terrorist win rate that gives them a 13.4% edge over the CTs. Thanks to great rushes, critical mid-control, and a unique map design, Terrorists can often end halves with 1-2, or even more rounds over their opponents.

Ancient: CT Sided

Ending with the calmest map and the calmest stats, Anubis is the most balanced map in the game, with a 50.8% CT win rate and a 49.2% win rate, guaranteeing that every game will be close fought to the end with a level-playing field for both halves. So, if you want to have an engaging game of CS where you can't blame anything on the map being CT or T-sided, Ancient is your best option.