CS2 Overpass Smokes

CS2 Overpass Smokes

Overpass has undergone a complete transformation, touching every aspect from textures and lighting to altered structures that affect gameplay.

The map requires deep utility knowledge to outplay your enemies, and running into a bombsite without any smoke or molotov to push the CTs out of position is a death trap.

Overpass is infamous for having many off-angles, and clearing a bombsite can never be an easy task. That’s where utility comes in to ease up and secure a safe route to plant the bomb.

Remember, it's not just about tossing utility randomly; it's about how and when you throw it and ensuring proper coordination between you and your teammates.

A Site Smokes:

With CT spawn situated on the A bombsite, your opponents are most likely to be positioned around “Bathrooms”, Long and Connector. Depending on your strategy, getting control of the mid area is crucial, that’s why it’s important to know these mid-smokes to push them out of position and move forward with the round.

Connector Smoke:

This smoke blocks vision from Connector to allow a safe cross into Balloons and to get control of the middle area without being compromised.

Since the lineup is from T spawn, it can serve as a fake smoke while giving the lurker more space to work with.

Toilet Smoke:

Easy to align and useful for taking control of the mid area, the toilet smoke mixed with the Connector smoke will give you full control of Middle.

Mid-Site Smoke:

Using this smoke, you can block vision from CTs holding site from the dumpster or right side Optimus.

Long, Left-Site Smoke:

To secure a quick safe bomb plant, use this smoke with the previous one to block all vision. Be sure to molly Optimus using the lineup below for extra space.

Optimus Molotov:

Bank Smoke:

This smoke isolates any CT player in Bank, as well as blocks rotations for after plant situations.

Stairs Smoke:

Stairs, also known as trash or dumpster, is the most common place for rotators to spot from when you are executing into the A site. Use this smoke to eliminate that position.

B site Smokes:

The B site might be hard to crack but it isn't impossible. The B site has tight entry tunnels, but they are the only obstacles to taking control. With a molotov on barrels and smoke to cover Heaven as well as Back site, you can quickly secure the site, plant the bomb and prepare for the post-plant (in an ideal scenario).

Heaven Smoke:

Heaven is the fastest rotation spot to overlook the bombsite, that’s why it's essential to smoke it off and block any quick rotations to retake.

Graffiti/ ABC Smoke:

This will smoke off the graffiti area, also known as ABC. A common spot for rotators after returning to help defend or retake the B site.

Mid-site Smoke:

Since this smoke is thrown from outside Monster, it allows a fast rush into the site. Be sure to throw the Bridge smoke as well for a safe cross into the bombsite. Additionally, mollying barrels is a must, to ensure no sneaky CTs are hiding there.

Bridge Smoke:

Barrels Molotov:

This molotov is a must if you’re executing into the B bombsite, with relatively easy-to-throw lineups either from Short or Monster, the round could fall apart if it goes unchecked.

Right-Pillar Smoke:

This smoke covers Barrels entirely, as well as Heaven to safely take control over Monster and up to Jail. Feel free to combine the different smokes mentioned above to create a flexible execution depending on the round and strategy you have in mind.