CS2 Sensitivity Converter

CS2 Sensitivity Converter

Want to maintain the same sensitivity between all of your games to ensure smooth transitions between gaming sessions and consistent aim across all of your favorite first-person shooters? Well, with this short guide, you can convert your sens from:

CS2 to Valorant

CS2 to Fortnite

CS2 to Escape From Tarkov

CS2 to The Finals

CS2 to Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Siege

Without further adieu, let's jump into the sensitivity conversions!

CS2 to Valorant Sens

To convert your sensitivity from CS2 to Valorant, you need to multiply by 0.31. For example, a sensitivity of 2 in CS2 is roughly 0.62 in Valorant. From Valorant to CS2, your sensitivity needs to be multiplied by 3.18.

CS2 to Fortnite Sens

CS2 to Fortnite sensitivity has a conversion rate of around 3.96, meaning your sensitivity of 3 in CS2 is a whopping 11.88 in Fortnite! To switch from Fortnite to CS2, multiply by 0.2525.

CS2 to Tarkov Sens

To convert CS2 sensitivity to Tarkov, multiply by 0.176. To go from Tarkov to CS2 sens, multiply by 5.68.

CS2 to The Finals Sens

To convert your CS2 sensitivity to The Finals, you need to multiply by a whopping 22! To go in the reverse direction, multiply your The Finals sens by 0.045.

CS2 to R6 Sens

Very similar to Fortnite, to convert your CS2 sensitivity to R6 you will need to multiply by 3.84. To go in the reverse direction from Siege to CS2 sens, multiply by 0.26.

For all of these sensitivity changes, make sure you keep your mouse DPI set at the same level, otherwise, the sensitivity won't feel the same. We wish you luck with your gaming adventures!