CS2 Update: New Case and Capsule, 5x Sticker Crafts, Arms Race, Zeus Skins, and More!

CS2 Update: New Case and Capsule, 5x Sticker Crafts, Arms Race, Zeus Skins, and More!

It's official: after months of waiting for a substantial update, the first major update since the release of CS2 is finally here! This new update may not be exactly what the community asked for, but it has brought a ton of exciting new additions to the game! Here are some of the new features that the Call to Arms Update has brought us:

  • Arms Race in CS2
  • New CS2 Case
  • Zeus x27 Skins
  • Kukri Knife
  • New CS2 Sticker Capsule
  • New Sticker Positions
  • New Music Kit

There is a lot to cover for this new CS2 update, and we will leave some details out to be covered more in-depth in future articles(stay on the lookout), but for now, let's dive into what we currently know about the new CS2 update!

New CS2 Case

Let's face it. This is a blog about skins, and since we are skin enthusiasts, we can't possibly start this article without putting the new CS2 case first. After nearly a full year of waiting, we finally had a new case, which did not disappoint! The new Kilowatt Case features 17 new skins(including 1 very special one) and a bunch of brand new knives(more on that later)! The case also has a new unique design that has never been seen before in CS2 cases!

Kukri Knife

After years of waiting, we finally have a new knife in CS2: the Kukri Knife. The Kukri Knife in CS2 is modeled after the real-life Kukri Knife, which is commonly used for various tasks, both military and civilian, in Nepal and other nations. The knife has tons of available finishes and a pretty neat inspect animation!

Zeus x27 Skins!

Though the arrival of Zeus skins to CS2 was largely anticipated due to it being added to loadouts, it is still a huge milestone to finally see the first-ever Zeus skin in CS2. And what an incredible debut for Zeus skins, this absolutely beautiful skin titled Olympus might just be the best skin that CS2 could have added!

Along with this, the Zeus x27 is no longer discarded after use, it now recharges after 30 seconds in each match. So, which one of you is getting the first Zeus multikill in CS2?

Arms Race is Back

This update has proven to be a massive win for the Arms Race warriors out there because, after several months deprived of the game mode, we finally have it back! CS2 has remastered Shoots and Baggage, two classic Arms Race maps, and as of now you can play them just like you did in the old CS:GO days.

Massive Sticker Crafting Update

CS2 sticker crafts just got a whole new level added to them. Now, every weapon can have 5 stickers applied to it, and even crazier than that is that you can control exactly where the sticker goes. Say goodbye to preset sticker positions and hello to complete freedom!

A New Capsule!

CS2 not only added a new case, knife, and Zeus skins, but it also gave us a new sticker capsule with 21 community-created stickers! The Ambush Sticker Capsule features tons of really cool new stickers, including 3 foils and 3 lenticulars!

New Music Kits!

CS2 has also brought us 6 new music kits which can be unlocked from the NIGHTMODE Music Kit Box.

XP Update

If you earn enough XP to reach the reduced XP gain status, you will now have a small XP icon next to your name showing off your status.