CS2’s First Stickers: PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major Stickers

CS2’s First Stickers: PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major Stickers

When Valve timing hits, it strikes! And finally, after weeks of anticipation, the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 stickers are now available.

The sticker's release was delayed due to unauthorized designs of some players' autographs, which were crafted by individuals other than the players themselves. According to the official guideline for autographs; Players must write their own signature, otherwise it might get rejected.

Valve’s decision to strict players on CS2’s first-ever Major was deemed “odd”, considering they overlooked this rule in the previous tournament editions.

On the other hand, players like “Wicadia” from Eternal Fire opted to use custom fonts, claiming it was handwritten, which resulted in an immediate rejection. And with Counter-Strike’s DMCA history, as some fonts might not be free for commercial use, Valve’s decision was certainly understandable.

Now, enough of the dilly dally and let’s get to la crème de la crème; The stickers.

Sticker Capsules

The stickers were divided into three capsule categories; Legends, Challengers, and Contenders with the final Champions Capsules released once the event was concluded.

Teams and players stickers can be found on separate capsules, with each costing $0.99 as usual. However, a sale is most likely to take place after closing the Royal Arena’s curtains.


Valve made quite the changes to all the stickers' qualities, mainly a new material for Glitter stickers called glitter_starmoon (a composite of stars and crescents).

On top of that, players’ signatures received a buff or debuff based on their preferences, with Valve using solid plain colors with shading for depth instead of variants from the teams’ logo color palette.

All that glitters is not gold. Although the glitter stickers look fantastic, the golds are a pure and simple beauty with a shiny look under lighting on the autographs and the teams’ logo (backdrop) appears dark and mighty.

The community’s reaction was a mix between admirers and critics with how the Holo version looks, and the fact that we’re getting yet another borderless sticker design. Which according to the community is a minimal effort from the developers.

Overall, the stickers might not be groundbreaking but they are certainly good for the most part, and the little changes that were implemented show how Valve is open to trying more things.

After all, it's not easy to satisfy millions of players, and opinions will be thrown on the table regardless.

Best Teams Stickers - Holo

G2 Esports:

Although the Holo effect is similar to the other white logos, G2 has thicker and more borders in the middle so the effect is showcased at its best.

Virtus Pro:

VP stickers are a fan favorite, especially the holos. The trend continues with CS2’s first Major at PGL Copenhagen, considering it's one of the few stickers that are clear and perfect with that color variation.


Following the unfortunate news of 9Pandas not making the Major after failing to obtain visas for all players, GamerLegion filled the spot. And Despite not getting the Kawaii green panda as a sticker, this one isn’t too shabby either.


With the team experiencing an early exit before the stickers were released, it’s safe to say that KOI stickers are one of the best looking, not only color-wise but the design is unique and can make incredible mix crafts.

Best Players Autographs - Holo


Similar to his team sticker and with the bold signature, it creates a perfect match for an outstanding combination.


At last, the UK's finest player has a great sticker fitting his skills in-game. Vitality's rifler is known for the most part as king mezii which explains the crown on top.


Let's be honest, jL had a horrendous sticker at BLAST Paris Major with a design similar to gibberish written by a five-year-old kid whose mother told him it was good to boost his confidence. And although he hasn't achieved the legend status like other players, he's definitely one of the most likable and vibrant players we have so he gets a pass.


One of Brazil’s best talents lost his father last year, and as a tribute, KSCERATO paid his respects by including him in one of the most precious things to a Counter-Strike player by having “1962”; His father’s birth year.


VINI has always been creative in making his stickers stand out. From a shark to a smiley happy guy and dolphin. For this edition, he decided to show us his sausage in-game and we’re here for it.


The Chinese player saw an opportunity in his alias and seized it. Although it's hard to read, it looks like the bear is hungry and eager to devour some melon.


The history breaker and hyped “donk” currently has the most expensive sticker, followed by “z4KR” from Lynn Vision due to his minimal signature, making the sticker appear almost entirely dark with the bear’s engraving.