Every CS2 Map(In The Current Map Pool)

Every CS2 Map(In The Current Map Pool)

In this article, we will dive into the 7 worlds of Counter-Strikes, the game's 7 main maps where Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists fight tooth and nail to win glory. Each map is different, with different angles to play, different utility lineups, different timings, and more. Each map is its own world, and to master the game, one must master every map. To help you with the first step of mastering maps, we have put together this list of all maps in CS2 alongside images and descriptions of each map.


Arguably the most hated and yet most played map in CS2, Mirage transports players to a bustling North African marketplace, where vibrant colors and intricate architecture serve as the backdrop for intense skirmishes. Its dynamic layout, featuring multiple entry points and bombsite rotations, ensures that every round on Mirage is a thrilling test of strategy and skill. The map has been in the game since June 6, 2013, making it more than a decade old!


Since the earliest days of Counter-Strike, Inferno's Mediterranean village setting has offered a picturesque yet perilous battlefield. Narrow streets, cozy apartments, and iconic chokepoints like banana and apartments challenge players to outmaneuver their opponents through strategic coordination and precise execution. Tension fills the bright, peaceful air as teams vie for control in intense close-quarters combat scenarios.


Players enter the heart of a nuclear power plant in Nuke, where claustrophobic corridors and an overlapping design create a harrowing environment for combat. Nuke's unique vertical layout adds a layer of complexity, as teams must navigate between upper and lower levels to secure bombsites and maintain map control. Like Inferno, Nuke has been around since Counter-Strikes first years, making it truly iconic in the game's history.

Dust II

An absolute staple of the Counter-Strike series, Dust II is synonymous with the game itself. Set in a Middle Eastern desert town, Dust II's design has remained largely unchanged since its debut in 2001, earning its status as one of the most iconic maps in esports history. The map's straightforward layout demands a blend of precision, strategy, and teamwork. Its open sightlines and well-defined chokepoints make Dust II a favorite for AWPers, riflers, entry fraggers, lurkers, and just about every player alike. Despite its apparent simplicity, Dust II offers endless depth, rewarding players who master its nuances and adapt to its timeless challenges. The map's enduring popularity and balanced design ensure that every match on Dust II is a classic showdown of Counter-STrike, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of the game's legacy.


Delve into the enigmatic ruins of Anubis, CS2's most recently added map, where ancient secrets and modern warfare collide. Set amidst an Egyptian archaeological site, Anubis offers a symmetrical layout with diverse engagement zones, challenging players to master its labyrinth pathways and strategic sightlines. Shortly before the announcement of CS2, Anubis replaced Dust II in the Activy Duty Map Pool


In the dizzying heights of Vertigo, a vertigo-inducing skyscraper poised for intense combat, players fight on a layered battlefield with quick rotates and rushes. Perched atop a towering high-rise, Vertigo tests players' nerves as they navigate precarious areas and engage in heart-pounding firefights amidst the urban skyline. The map was added in 2019, initially as a Wingman-only map, but quickly joined the Active Duty Pool just months after its initial addition into the game.


No one quite knows the mysteries of Ancient, a map steeped in mythical allure and ancient architecture. Set within an ancient civilization's ruins, Ancient presents a visually stunning backdrop for tactical engagements, with dimly lit caves and bright open air and unique design allowing for advanced strategy gameplay.

Say what you will about the game, but you have to admit...its absolutely beautiful.