Footballers at EURO 2024 that play Counter-Strike

Footballers at EURO 2024 that play Counter-Strike

EURO 2024 is a unique tournament that all sports fans are waiting for. A large-scale event in which 24 teams compete for the title of the best in Europe attracts a mass of spectators and fans of the national teams.

To compete at the highest level, players must focus on training, and even more on proper rest. Footballers often choose active forms of regeneration, but sometimes they prefer to rest at home without pressure and in isolation from the outside world. Video games have an amazing potential to make you feel relaxed, but some people still need to fell the competitive spirit.

In this article, we will take a closer look at footballers who, apart from representing their countries at EURO 2024, also like to play Counter-Strike!

Oleksandr Zinchenko

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Picture from Transfermarkt

The Ukrainian player is not only a talented footballer, but also a Counter-Strike player. He represents not only the national colors of Ukraine, but also his own e-sports team, where he even made his debut and with quite good results.

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Oleksandr's HLTV profile

Simon Kjær

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Danes love football and love Counter-Strike, which is why some have decided to combine it! Former AC Milan and Denmark captain Simon Kjær shared his love for CS via Instagram, where he informed us about the creation of his own e-sports team.


Joakim Maehle

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We stay in Denmark! Another Danish player who confirms our earlier words. The representative of VFL Wolfsburg not only deals with his football career, but for some time also a career as a streamer on Twitch. In the past he was streaming FIFA and Counter-Strike and the footage is still available!

Jakub Piotrowski

jakub piotrowski fortuna dusseldorf
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In the time of COVID19, the players of the Polish national team took part in the charity match Counter-Strike. Jakub was one of the players who could be seen on the promotional poster, which allows us to safely state that he is still interested in the game.

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Andry Yarmolenko

andriy yarmolenko ukraine
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We are going back to Ukraine! Andriy Yarmolenko, the captain of the Ukrainian national team outside national team and club duties, also likes to play our favorite game sometimes. As a small fact, we can mention that he even appeared in a special episode of BLAST Premier when he was still representing West Ham United!

As we can see, video games are really for everyone, and even as a professional athlete you can still enjoy the game we all love!