How to Play Hostage in CS2

How to Play Hostage in CS2

If you have just booted up CS2 for the first time, or just recently discovered the maps Office and Italy in the list of Competitive maps, then you may be confused as to what hostage mode is in CS2, and more importantly, how to play it. Hostage mode is very different from the traditional, bomb defusal mode that you are likely used to. It requires a different approach to the game, so it is important to fully understand how to play Hostage maps in CS2.

Hostage mode is essentially a role-reversed version of bomb-defusal situations. In Hostage, the Counter-Terrorists are the attackers, while the Terrorists are the defenders. Let's dive into the role you have to fill on each side.


As a terrorist, your job is to protect your hostages as best you can...though perhaps protect isn't the word. Your role as a terrorist is to make sure the Counter-Terrorists can't get to your hostage, and if they do, make sure they can't save the hostage. At least two terrorists should remain within the vicinity of each of the two hostages at all time, though you don't have to camp the hostage; it's okay to move around and hold different angles as long as you can quickly return to the hostage if a situation arises.

If the Counter-Terrorists approach the hostage, fight with your life to make sure they can't get to it. If they get there, they can win the round. Plus, they only need one hostage to win, so you can't afford to give up one to save the other. Both need to stay in the same place until the round ends or you kill all of the Counter-Terrorists.

If a CT gets to a hostage and takes it, you must track them down and kill them before they get to the hostage rescue zone. When the CT picks up the hostage, they will get additional time to get to the hostage rescue zone. You have to stop them before they get there; if you don't, you will lose the round.

If you keep both hostages for the entire length of the round or kill all of the CTs before they can get to the hostages, then you will win the round.


As a CT, you have a tough job. You must fight through the Terrorists and rescue a hostage, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Since you only need to rescue one hostage to win, you can all rush one hostage, or do a 2-3 split, or even send 1 guy to fake the enemies out while the other 4 rescue the hostage. Once you get to a hostage, hold E to rescue it, but make sure you aren't about to be snuck up on by a terrorist while you save the hostage. You can buy a hostage rescue kit(in the same place as a defuse kit in a defusal mode game) to increase the speed of the rescue.

Once you get the hostage, your job is far from over. You have to bring the rescued hostage to the Hostage Rescue Zone in your spawn. It is quite a long trek, and it is especially hard when there are tons of Terrorists chasing you down. Try to take unique routes, and always check behind you to ensure nobody is following you. Actively peek around to avoid getting killed, because if you die, the hostage is dropped on the ground and your teammates have to fight your killer to get back to it. Once you get your hostage to the zone, you have won the round, and if you fail to do so, or you all die before getting to a hostage, the round will be lost. You can also win a round by simply defeating all of the Terrorists.


It's as easy as that! Hostage mode can be daunting at first, but it really isn't too hard to get used to, and it relies on the same skills that Defusal mode uses, so you won't be fully lost even if you are confused about the game mode. Happy hostage defending and rescuing!