Left Hand is Finally Here with CS2's Latest Update

Left Hand is Finally Here with CS2's Latest Update

After more than half a year of waiting, we finally have the ability hands in CS2. After millions of cl_righthand 0(as the command was in CS:GO) users were forced to endure using their right hand to hold their gun, CS2 has finally answered their prayers and delivered the ability to switch hands in-game, alongside a few other updates. Let's look at what CS2's most recent update has to offer.

On The Other Hand...

Players can now redeploy their weapons, swapping between the left and right hand. You can set your preferred handedness in the settings menu and then switch hands temporarily mid-round with a key press (H on US Keyboards by default).

It's time to celebrate, left-hand enjoyers, because CS2 devs have answered your calls for liberation. Finally, you can swap between hands with the click of a button. The swap bind is automatically bound to your H key, but it can be quickly changed in settings.

Updated Buy Menu!

CS2's newest buy menu update is the perfect quality-of-life update we needed to have faith that Valve really cares about us(though anti-cheat may have been preferred over this...). The new buy menu features a display on the top right of your screen informing you of the minimal amount of money you will have next round(if you get no kills and lose the round). This way, you can easily decide whether you should buy or save. Alongside this is a panel labeled "Dropped Weapons," where players can see and directly pick up any weapons their teammates dropped.

HUD/UI Changes

Alongside the buy menu changes, developers also made a few UI changes. Firstly, a lineup reticle will appear shortly after a grenade is thrown. This way, you will see where the util will land before it does. Plus, you can select different delays for the reticle appearance for each type of grenade. Plus, we now have a Toggle Radar Zoom key which will let players switch between zoom levels on their minimap during a round.


We saved the best news for last! After months out of commission and relegated to the Competitive Section, Dust 2 has made a return to competitive Counter-Strike. The map is now playable in Premier and will be available to play in all professional tournaments. The iconic map engrained in the memories of tens of millions of Counter-Strike players has returned!