Maps and MVPs. Latest CS2 Update!

Maps and MVPs. Latest CS2 Update!

In the last few days, many people said the operation was close, and a big update was coming, but we ended up only having few maps and new MVPs.

Everyone is expecting Valve to make something huge with all that hype about new operation and major updates coming to the game, but it seems like they are not interested in satisfying our needs. Operation Riptide happened over 1000 days ago and since then we didn't experience anything new!

For now, let's put our complaints away and focus on things that the latest update (26.06.2024) brought us into the game.

New maps

New maps are always welcome! Mapping community works really hard to provide us with their best work, and we all can agree that they are doing a great job.



Lovely looking, picturesque landscape with Italian touch — my favourite!


Who doesn't like fast travels?

Arms Race

Pool Day

Well known map, especially from past.

Deathmatch, Casual and Competitive Matchmaking


A pinch of Mediterranean climate will never hurt.


Welcome to the Netherlands! (Literally)

All maps are currently available in game, and you are free to explore them!

Small ranked system changes

Competitive Matchmaking had some issues, especially when it comes to map-based ranks and skill distribution. Valve took notes and according to them, they made things easier!

Speaking of Competitive Matchmaking, we've given map-based skill groups an overhaul. In addition to redistributing players across the Skill Groups, we've also made it easier to earn those badges in the first place.


Who doesn't like to be rewarded? New MVPs are a nice touch to the game which makes us players feel more appreciated. Not only we have some new “titles” but also animations!

Here is a quick video if you want to check it out.