Military-Themed CS inventory: Pistols Edition!

Military-Themed CS inventory: Pistols Edition!

When it comes to the first few Counter-Strike skins released to the game back in 2013, the main theme was military camos and dark colors to fit in the environment. But still, to this day Counter-Strike skin creators like to keep the tradition of these military-themed Counter-Strike skins. In this article, we are going to cover the best military-themed pistol skins in the game!


For the CZ75-Auto two skins would perfectly fit the military-themed are:

Both share the same color scheme of dark green, mainly to blend in green environments such as forests, jungles, and flat lands, such dark green colors are perfect for the military-themed inventory! You can grab on BitSkins the CZ75-Auto | Army Sheen at an amazing 29% and the CZ75-Auto | Jungle Dashed at a 30% discount compared to Steam.

Desert Eagle

When it comes to the Desert Eagle, the best skins to fit the military theme are the following:

The Desert Eagle | Urban Rubble fits well with the military-themed inventory of its perfect urban camo, a mix of dark and light grey camo plastered all over the pistol. On the other hand, the Desert Eagle | Mudder fits the perfect desert or dirt-type camo mainly used in dirt terrain like deserts, muddy fields, and more. You can grab these two Desert Eagles on BitSkins at around a 29% discount, instead of buying on the Steam market.

Dual Berettas

The best Dual Beretta skin to fit the military theme is the Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6, released in 2019 by the CS20 Case. The reason behind this is for its 1:1 replica with the real-life pistol the M9 Beretta The skin itself is black to mimic the real look, and did you know that the M9 Beretta was the official service pistol in the US in 1985? Best of all you can grab the Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6 on BitSkins for only $0.11 which is a 27% discount compared to Steam.


The Five-SeveN | Forest Night, brought to the game in 2013 by The Train Collection, is the best Five-SeveN to fit the military-themed Counter-Strike Inventory. Its dark blue camo is perfect for specialized environments, such as naval or urban settings, as well as during the night to blend in more. Greater than the skin itself is the price tag, super cheap, and even better if you buy it on BitSkins for only $0.02, which is a whopping 63% cheaper compared to the Steam market.


When it comes to the Glock-18, the two best skins to fit the military theme the:

The Glock-18 | Steel Disruption is a perfect urban digital camo glock skin, which can give off shiny effects in Counter-Strike, because of its steel texture. This skin can also fit perfectly in dark grey-themed or shiny metal-themed inventories. On the other hand, the Glock-18 | Sand Dune is an amazing military-themed Counter-Strike skin because of its similar creation to the Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6 as we said above where it re-created or designed to seem like a real-life firearm, and this case, the Glock-18 | Sand Dune is the 1:1 replica of the Glock 19X, with its same tan look which fun fact is made on purpose to fight against corrosion and scratching. You can buy the Glock-18 | Steel Disruption on BitSkins for $3.89 with a 30% discount compared to Steam and you can purchase the Glock-18 | Sand Dune on BitSkins at a 21% discount at the price of $3.74 instead of $4.76 on Steam.


For the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory, the best P2000 to fit this theme is the P2000 | Woodsman. Released in the Operation Hydra case in 2017, it has a theme of forest camo with the top part a mossy green slate with some orange accents, and the handle of the pistol forest digital camo, perfectly for hiding in a forest. Not only the skin is amazing but also the 23% price discount you can get on BitSkins and pay $8.49 instead of $10.97 on Steam.


The P250 | Red Rock, released in 2017 with the Operation Hydra case is a fantastic choice for a military-themed Counter-Strike skin with its digital autumn camo covering the whole body of the pistol, as well as its symbol that seems to be of a certain military faction. Instead of buying the P250 | Red Rock on Steam for $6.94, you can get it 23% cheaper on BitSkins at the price of $5.37.


For the Tec-9, the best skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory would be the Tec-9 | VariCamo was released in 2013 by the Dust 2 Collection. The skin itself is a forest camo fit for urban and forest combat situations. You can purchase this skin on BitSkins for only $0.06 and save up to 41% compared to Steam.


Released in 2018 in the Danger Zone Case, the USP-S | Flashback is a perfect skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory as it reminisces the Vietnam War as a theme of this USP-S skin. The dark green covering the whole body and the scratches on the pistol even in the best float showcase that the pistol has been used in combat to give it another layer of realism. Even better than the skin itself is the 36% discount you can get if you buy the Factory New USP-S | Flashback on BitSkins at $0.93 instead of $1.43 on Steam.