Most Expensive CS2 Skins: The Titan Holo

Most Expensive CS2 Skins: The Titan Holo

Ok, so the title of this article is a lie. The Titan (Holo) isn't really one of the most expensive CS2 stickers, but it is one of, and actually the single most expensive CS2 sticker. With a price tag around $75,000, owning one of these stickers makes you automatically fall into the top 0.01% of CS2 players. But why is the Titan Holo so expensive? What makes it so different from the thousands of other CS2 stickers? Well, lets do a deep dive into everything you need to know about the most expensive sticker in CS2, the Sticker | Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014.


The Titan (Holo) was Titan's official team sticker from the Katowice 2014 Major. The tournament, which took place in BitSkins' home country of Poland, was one of the first major CS2 tournaments, and Titan entered the tournament in the Legends bracket. Though they were eliminated early, placing 9th-12th out of just 16 teams, they still managed to leave an incredible legacy on the game with their Holographic sticker. The sticker, which comes from the EMS Katowice 2014 Legends capsule(which sells for close to $30,000), features Titan's iconic logo in a beautiful blue holographic effect. Although many people call the sticker overrated or overpriced, you have to admit that it is absolutely beautiful.

How Many Titan Holos Exist?

According to current statistics, there are an estimated 56 unnaplied Titan Holo stickers in existence. However, this doesn't account for the Titan Holos hidden in storage units or in private inventories. Along with this, there are tons of old accounts from 2014 with these stickers, and in many cases the owners have no idea about the account or the value of the sticker.

Why is the Titan Holo So Expensive?

This isn't an easy question to answer. In many ways, there is little justification for a trivial in game item like the Titan (Holo) to be worth close to $75,000. However, the most obvious cause of the price of the sticker is rarity. For one, as mentioned earlier, there are just 56 unnaplied Titan Holos in existence, and to unbox another, you would have to spend $30,000 for a 2% chance of getting a Titan Holo(16% to get a holo, 12.5% for it to be a Titan). Because the odds are so low, it is unlikely for another Titan (Holo) to be unboxed, and thus the supply will only decrease as more of them are applied to weapons and more owners of them get their accounts banned or forgotten.