P2P.BitSkins closure

P2P.BitSkins closure

Dear valued users,

As most of you probably know we've been diligently working on launching BitSkins 2.0, our revamped website, over the past few months. This significant milestone has allowed us to incorporate numerous features that you've long requested but were previously hindered by technical constraints. Rest assured, this is just the initial phase of our enhancements, with more exciting changes on the horizon. Our ambition is to swiftly implement these improvements, and thus, we've made the decision to temporarily suspend our P2P services via the p2p.bitskins.com platform.

Though this wasn't a simple choice, we firmly believe it's the optimal path forward. It's important to clarify that this isn't a permanent farewell to P2P – we're actively working to integrate it into our main website soon. The existing P2P platform will remain accessible until the conclusion of September 2023. We encourage you to utilize this window to either spend or withdraw your funds. In the near future, we'll introduce a new feature enabling you to transfer your funds to our main website (bitskins.com). If you'd prefer not to wait, our support team can assist in manually transferring your funds now.

Should you be unable to spend or withdraw your funds by the end of this month, rest assured that they'll be automatically transitioned to our main website, ensuring no loss of funds. Additionally, in cases where users do not have an account on the main site, we will provide the option of withdrawal by other means. We sincerely appreciate your comprehension as we embark on this new direction, driven by our eagerness to introduce innovative ideas without delay.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Warm regards,
The BitSkins Team