P2P.BitSkins update [15.04.2022]

P2P.BitSkins update [15.04.2022]

We improve the BitSkins platform every day by releasing new features and much more. Here's what's new in the update

Website update

New Features:

  • Added a new filter on the market page (Sort by: Creation date ASC/DESC)
  • Added automatic delisting of unavailable items. If the item that is put up for sale is no longer in our inventory it will be automatically removed from the site after visiting the "SELL" page
  • Added hot reload on the "SELL" page. It means that the entire page will no longer be reloaded when listing the items for sale
  • Added delivery rate and delivery speed icons on the market page and on the item listing page
  • Added number of sent and received bargains to the menu on the user page (https://p2p.bitskins.com/user). You do not have to visit the sent / received bargains tab anymore to see the number of the bargains


  • Fixed doppler gems images. All doppler games will be displayed correctly from now
  • Fixed some minor visual bugs and added minor RWD fixes