Pros With Skins: NiKo Edition

Pros With Skins: NiKo Edition

Arguably the greatest rifler in Counter-Strike history, NiKo is one of the most recognizable names in Counter-Strike. The Bosnian headshot machine has been playing for G2 Esports for a few years now, but formerly played for mousesports and most notably, FaZe.

But as it turns out, NiKo has more than great stats in the server, he also has great skins in his inventory! Now that the major is over, all lent skins have been returned, and now we can see what skins the pros actually own! In this article, we are taking a look at NiKo's CS2 inventory!

NiKo's Inventory Value

ZywOo's inventory is currently valued at around $47,000 in liquid value. This doesn't account for special floats or applied stickers but gives us a general idea of how much NiKo's inventory is worth in cold, hard, cash.

NiKo's Steam

Want to take a look at NiKo's inventory for yourself? You can find his Steam Account here.


NiKo has a few great playskins in his inventory, but only for the main weapons. The most expensive skin in his inventory is a Factory New AWP | Medusa with a Crown (Foil) on the scope and a few G2/NiKo stickers on the body. Along with that, he has a 0.007 float Glock-18 | Fade, worth over $1,500. For a Deagle, he has his infamous Desert Eagle | Blaze, and he currently has an AK-47 | Vulcan and M4A1-S | Printstream as his main rifle skins.

Knife and Glove Combos

NiKo's knife and gloves make up the majority of his $46,787 inventory. He has 5 different knives and just 2 gloves, but it is more than clear what his main combos are. For one side, he has a $11,000 Butterfly Knife | Doppler (Ruby) paired with a Minimal Wear pair of Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono. On the other side, he has a $10,000 M9 Bayonet | Doppler (Sapphire) paired with a Minimal Wear pair of Sport Gloves | Superconductor worth nearly $4,500! His two combos combine for a value of $29,500.

Special Items

As with most decorated pros, NiKo's inventory is finished off with some super cool special items that Valve gives to players on teams that reach playoffs. He has yet to receive a trophy for his semifinal appearance at PGL Copenhagen 2024, but it is assumed that he will get one soon. At the moment, he has 4 trophies: 2 quarterfinalist trophies and 2 finalist trophies. Here is the list of trophies:

  • Finalist at ELEAGUE Boston 2018
  • Quarterfinalist at FACEIT London 2018
  • Quarterfinalist at IEM Katowice 2019
  • Finalist at PGL Stockholm 2021

Awaiting Arrival:

  • Semifinalist at PGL Copenhagen 2024