Pros With Skins: Part 2 - ropz's Inventory

Pros With Skins: Part 2 - ropz's Inventory

One of the greatest riflers in CS history as well as one of the most loved players in the entire professional CS2 scene, ropz is the ultimate CS2 player. He pops heads in-game and has one of the most likable personalities out of all players, which has brought him fame, insane achievements on the big stage, and of course, plenty of money. While money may not buy you happiness, it can buy you CS2 skins, and that is exactly what we are taking a look at in this article.

ropz's inventory is pretty stacked, and though it may be small, its theme demonstrates that ropz takes skins seriously and doesn't just go for the most flashy and expensive items. Without any further introduction, we present ropz's CS2 inventory:

Ropz Inventory Value

Ropz's inventory is worth around $19,000 in liquid value, making it, believe it or not, on the lower end of the spectrum of professional player inventories. His inventory mostly contains play skins, but it also has a few priceless items(we bet you can guess what those are...more on that later.)

ropz's Steam

Want to take a look at ropz's inventory for yourself? You can find his Steam Account here.


Ropz's inventory contains just 30 skins alongside a bunch of coins, badges, and of course, trophies. Here are some of the highlights of his inventory.

This absolutely beautiful deep red knife glove combo:

A Glock | Fade with 4 of his signatures, including one worth around $1200!

Two Factory New M4A1-S | Hot Rods:

This sleek AK-47 | Bloodsport craft with $2000 worth of his own signatures applied.

And a few more pricey play skins built for fragging out in warmups, training, and matches:

Trophy Cabinet

Ropz's inventory may not be "anything special" solely in terms of skins, but his trophy cabinet is what separates him from any other $20,000 inventory. He has a total of 3 trophies(and one on the way):

Quarterfinalist at ELEAGUE Boston 2018

Quarterfinalist at Paris 2023

Champion at PGL Antwerp 2022

He is still missing his Semifinalist trophy from PGL Copenhagen 2024, and at the moment we do not know when these will be administered, or if they even will at all.