Shadow Daggers | Case Hardened Blue Gem Patterns

Shadow Daggers | Case Hardened Blue Gem Patterns

The Shadow Daggers are an extremely underrated low-tier knife. These fantastic low-tier knives are commonly left with a bad reputation. Some glitches that connected with Shadow Daggers in the past led to a not-so-great community outlook towards the Daggers. Shadow Daggers come in a ton of amazing cool finishes but by far the Case Hardened finish is one of the best.

Unfortunately due to the Shadow Daggers shape, a full blade coverage max Blue Gem is not possible but you can get pretty close. Just like most Case Hardened finished knives, there are 4 tiers of Blue Gems. Without any more chat let's get into the pattern Blue Gem guide!

Tier 1

505, 56, 417, 609, 866

There are shockingly only 5 tier 1 Shadow Dagger | Case Hardened Blue Gem patterns! These as stated earlier are not fully blue on the play side but are the closest you can get to max blue. As is obvious because of the small amount of these patterns they are quite rare and expensive!

Tier 2

176, 830, 657, 771, 576, 707

In the tier 2 category, there is only 1 more pattern than tier 1! These patterns feature a ton of blue well also displaying quite a fair amount of gold. These aren’t as valuable as tier 1’s but still are quite nice!

Tier 3


There is only 1 tier 3 pattern! This pattern is quite nice showing off some blue and some gold. It's not very common but doesn't add all too much value.

Tier 4

570, 933, 346, 706, 367

The final tier of Shadow Daggers | Case Hardened Blue Gems is tier 4. These 5 patterns are adorned with specks of blue well also having a decent amount of gold. You can pick up a tier 4 usually for close to market price.

As you can see there are only a handful of Shadow Daggers Blue Gem patterns! They are all quite lovely and would fit amazingly as a playknife! Next time you are looking to buy Shadow Daggers | Case Hardened or you just unboxed a lovely pair, make sure to check this guide! If you are looking to sell Shadow Daggers | Case Hardened or any other skins you can fetch amazing prices at!