Skin Creators With the Most Accepted Submissions (Part 1)

Skin Creators With the Most Accepted Submissions (Part 1)

As most CS2 players know by now, most skins are made by community artists through the workshop and Valve picks the ones that fit their criteria, including operations skins which are hand selected by Valve.

With over 1700 skins available in the game, it’s certain that some artists reign supreme above others and have more accepted items in CS2.

But have you ever wondered who has the most accepted submissions so far?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some artists with the most accepted items including skins and stickers, as well as the history of their skins.


Starting with the creator of R8 reboot and CZ75 Polymer as his most known work. G99factory’s first accepted item was XM1014 | Scumbria from all the way back in 2015 as part of the shadow collection alongside the “shadow boxing update”.

As of today, he has 11 accepted skins in the game with the latest being the Dual Berettas | Elite 1.6 and SCAR-20 Assault from the CS20 collection. Having two skins within one case is definitely a flex and his skins are nothing short of that.

Amongst his accepted skins are the Five-SeveN | Capillary and P250 | Iron Clad.


Although some skins creators have less recognizable skins out of the thousands, others have the most recognizable ones such as NEXTGENZ, with 13 total skins in the game.

NEXTGENZ is the creator behind the infamous “Cyrex” collection including the M4A1-S, USP-S, SCAR and SG 553.

He is also one of the winners from the Dreams and Monsters skin contest, where winners collected a whopping $100,000 USD with one of the main skins from the case, the covert AK-47 Nightwish, which blew the community’s socks off when first introduced.

On top of all those, comes the USP-S Monster Mashup, one of the most aesthetically pleasing USP-S skins in the game, released within the Broken Fang case back in 2020.

If you’re a skin nerd then you’re most likely seen some of his desert-strike skins, but if you didn’t, here are all of his accepted skins.


Have you ever heard of the UMP Corporal? Most of you will answer no, but if I ask about the Asiimovs, well it’s an eye grabber and one of the oldest and most iconic cs skins ever.

Coridium is one of the most known item creators to ever produce something for CS2.

Known for the iconic Asiimov collection including the AWP, AK47, M4A4, P90 and P250.

The M4A4 however was the first weapon to receive the skin from the collection, dating to the old 2013 days as part of the Winter Offensive update. And the AK47 being the last 6 years after the initial release.

Coridium also brought us the Decimator M4A1-S and TEC9? in addition to the covert AK47 Neon Revolution from the gamma 2 CASE in 2016.

It’s worth mentioning his successful collaboration with FACEIT, as they produced the p90 Tyrex and M4A1-S Alloy Orange.

Although he has more recognizable skins such as the Tec9 | Isaac, and P250 Valence, you probably didn’t know that he made quite a few stickers including the CS on my mind, Till Death Do Us Apart and the New Sheriff.

Sadly, after browsing his workshop it doesn’t seem like he’s making anything new for cs2, hoping to see him drop new skins.


From an excellent skin collection to another, and we present you SLIMEFACE with his classic Bloodsport collection.

With arguably one of the best AK-47 skins in the game, he has a total of 21 accepted skins including the Bloodsports, P250 Wingshot and Galil-AR Sugar Rush just to name a few.

His first accepted item was in fact a sticker called Terrorized from all the way back in 2014, and the Negev Dazzle as his first skin to get in the game, submitted a month after the sticker.

With a total of 1350 items submitted to the workshop, that includes the same skin for different weapons, it's safe to say that he’s been putting in the work, and definitely deserves all the success he had.

His latest accepted item was the Dreams and Mimics from the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule and if you want to enjoy some beautiful art you should check out his workshop page.