Streamer Inventory Reviews Part 1: ArrowCS_GO

Streamer Inventory Reviews Part 1: ArrowCS_GO
Streamer Inventory Reviews Part 1: ArrowCS_GO

Welcome to the first of several installments of BitSkins Blog's new series, where we review the CS:GO inventories of prominent creators in the scene.

Each week, we will highlight a specific streamer or content creator, talk about their inventory and some of their most impressive skins, and give them a final checklist "grade." After we cover eight streamers, we will put them head to head in a final battle where the CS:GO community will determine which creator has the ultimate inventory!

The first contender in our series of inventory reviews is the one and only ArrowCS_GO. Arrow is a streamer and YouTuber partnered with BitSkins and boasts nearly 30,000 followers on Twitch and 38,000 on YouTube. His content generally revolves around CS:GO skins, and after just over a year of content creation, he has cemented a spot as one of the most knowledgeable and trusted members of the scene. Without further ado, let's take a look at the inventory of ArrowCS_GO.

At first glance, Arrow's inventory may not compare to that of ohnePixel or TDM Heyzeus, but he still boasts an impressive collection of skins that require a bit of digging to notice. Despite having a base value of just $14,000 USD(calculated without considering sticker or float overpay), his inventory has a few #1 highest and lowest float skins, some niche collections of items, and some insane sticker crafts that make it worth significantly more than that. Here are some of his most impressive items and collections:

Every Single Agent Skin in CS:GO

After scrolling through a few pages of Arrow's inventory, one will come across nearly three full pages of nothing but agents. Over his years as a CS:GO player and skins enthusiast, Arrow has collected 69 agent skins, including one of all of the 65 agent skins available in the game. Arrow's dedication to his collection of agent skins has summed up to a value of roughly $350.

Lowest and Highest Float Items

Along with his impressive collection of agent skins, Arrow also boasts several weapons with extremely high and low floats. In a recent attempt to hit the #1 AWP | Desert Hydra in a trade up with Sparkles, Arrow received the #3 CZ75-Auto | Victoria instead. He also has the #1 lowest float Galil AR | Tuxedo, which has an impressively low float of 0.0000004, and the number R8 Revolver | Phoenix Marker, with a similarly impressive float of 0.000002. In total, he owns 5 total #1 highest/lowest skins and several others that take the #2 and #3 spots.