The Best Cheap Skins in CS2

The Best Cheap Skins in CS2

Counter-Strike 2 skins are more than just cosmetics to enhance your gameplay experience. Over the years, skins were imprinted and etched into the player’s characters with each skin having a deeper meaning than just pixels on a screen.

Made by the community, for the community. A thread connecting millions of individuals to form inseparable bonds, friendships, and stories that will last a lifetime.

Although some skins cost an arm and a leg, others are affordable. And despite the personal preferences between players, some cheap items are as radiant as the sun, shedding light on many inventories and blessing them with character and uniqueness.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the affordable but stunning options, so be sure to check them out where everything is cheaper at BitSkins.


The first-round pistol has many spectacular options to pick from, a haven for a budget pickup but still a feast for the eyes.

The Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner is an optimal choice with striking flames ready to put down your opponents. For an extra layer of distinctiveness, this glock turns greenish in Battle-Scarred condition, making it a cut above the rest.

Since there are many options for the weapon, the High Beam, Sacrifice, Catacombs, and Candy Apple are honorable mentions considering their low cost and rich aesthetic, as well as history.


Opposite to the T-Side default pistol, the CTs have a limited arsenal when it comes to budget USP-S skins. The Ticket To Hell (Minimal Wear) outshines the below one-dollar category, considering the other options are available in worse conditions.

If your budget stretches more than the minimum, then an ocean of cheap skins opens up including the Check Engine (Minimal Wear), Cyrex (Field-Tested) and Black Lotus (Minimal Wear).

Desert Eagle

Yeah, getting a Deagle highlight is cool. But, you know what is even cooler? Getting it in style while equipping a cheap suitable skin.

Luckily, the Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline exists in our universe, and it’s the best budget skin for the weapon.

If you’re still indecisive on which to get, you shouldn’t be since it has been Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev’s equipped skin for the longest.


Deep down, we all know that the P250 | Sand Dune is supreme, but since it’s a pretty niche skin, we’ll go with the Nevermore.

Although there are many other options like the X-Ray, Supernova, Cyber Shell… etc, the P250 | Nevermore (MW) is distinguishable with a catchy raven roaming around the skin through different patterns.

If you opt for it, then be sure to get a 73, 127, 708, or a 923 pattern. These are considered tier one, with the raven taking over the best position on the weapon.


Despite the Mac-10 going brrrrrr, its skin prices don’t. This light, quick, and accurate weapon can be effective when doing fast plays to catch your enemy off-guard. And for that, you must rush in style.

Did you know that almost half of the Mac-10 skins cost less than a single dollar?

That leaves us with quite the list to pick from, and since we’re in the new dawn of Counter-Strike 2, the MAC-10 | Light Box (MW) brings a new dimension to skins and how they look in-game.


The MP9 is like a Mac-10 for the CTs, and although similar in characteristics, the skins are as distanced as the heavens and earth.

With much fewer options to pick from, The MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart (FT) reigns supreme above the rest. With its warm color palette, it's an option you can never go wrong with.


The most important rifle needs good skin. But unfortunately, there are only a handful of options when it comes to budget skins. For that, the AK-47 | Slate (FT) is the best value for money as long as you save up the rest for a scrumptious craft.

If the AK-47 | Slate is too boring for you, then you can go for more character and personality with a Phantom Disruptor (FT) or an Ice Coaled (FT).


Since no one is playing with M4A4 anymore, the M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S (FT) is heavily underrated amongst skin enthusiasts as it barely costs a buck.

It’s a cheap skin that only gets dimmer in bad conditions, so don’t worry about having a scratched weapon during your games.


Oh, you’re still reading? You actually play with the M4A4? Oh well, no wonder you’re still below 10K ELO.

But since you want it, then the M4A4 | Spider Lily (MW) is like a missing puzzle piece clicking into place, a melody that completes the harmony, and most importantly, a blooming flower reaching for the sun.


We close out our list with the big green gun. And for it, the AWP | Atheris (FT) was, is, and will forever be the budget king.

Please do keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all, and all the cheap skins mentioned can be replaced and swapped. So, get your notes & budget up but your prices down only at BitSkins.