The Best CS2 Graffiti Sprays

The Best CS2 Graffiti Sprays

Graffitis in Counter-Strike 2, despite being a feature since 2016, remains unused by most players. Although they may not impact the outcome of a match, they offer a delightful means of expressing emotions, engaging in banter, and even disrupting the enemy team's grenade lineups. (Thank you dev1ce)

These Graffiti sprays were introduced in official patches in October 2016, featuring two graffiti boxes: Community and official CS:GO.

Over time, however, their value has decreased, as players can only use 50 sprays per item before the graffiti vanishes from their inventories. In addition to becoming a common drop after matches.

Most graffiti is cheap, but some can be found at a high price tag due to their history and appeal. For that, we decided to look at the best and most expensive graffiti in Counter-Strike 2.

1. Wings

One of the first added sprays, Wings, was in the official CS:GO graffiti box, released in 2016.

Though it's an industrial-grade item, it's aesthetically appealing and can be obtained through a graffiti box or on the Steam market for around a dollar.

2. Howling Dawn

The Howling Dawn was originally a skin and sticker design that was removed after a DMCA complaint, becoming an iconic historical skin in the Counter-Strike world.

Two years after the incident, Valve released it as a graffiti spray which had the players spend their money in an attempt to ride the wave of investing. Over 230 items were sold after a few hours from its release, shooting the price at 35$.

Since hype creates high demand for a short moment, the price went down over the years and is currently selling for around 5$ on the market.

3. Crown

“The Boss” or Crown is famously known for being a sticker that exploded in price during the last few years. The same however cannot be said for the graffiti spray, as the price is stable since it's a temporary item.

This graffiti is being used as a scam to trick players into thinking it's the actual sticker by sending trade offers. Unfortunately, some fell to the scam and lost their expensive items to get a 3.5$ graffiti, so be sure to double-check every trade offer you receive.

4. Phoenix

Originally known as “Phoenix connection”, it is the oldest terrorist faction in Counter-Strike, making its first appearance in Beta 1.0 and becoming the second playable agent in CS:GO beta. Throughout the years, the “phoenix” slowly became a part of the game as an operation, skin, sticker, and agent.

The graffiti was first seen in the official CS:GO graffiti box and is currently selling for only 0.30$.

5. Welcome to the Clutch

Valve adapted many stickers into graffiti, but only a few looked better as a spray such as the Welcome to the Clutch.

The graffiti spray is a battle-scarred version of the sticker, it shows more details, more aggressiveness, and ultimately a better design with the added skulls and darker colors.

For only 0.77$, you can spray it on your enemies after a clutch and flex your skills.

Honorable mention: Clutch King is another graffiti with the same theme but has a higher price as it's a classified item for almost 3$.

6. Skull n' Crosshairs

An underrated graffiti that is rather forgotten by many. The "Skull n' Crosshairs'' graffiti spray features a skull image superimposed over crosshairs, symbolizing intense gameplay and precise aiming. It represents the competitive nature of the game, After all; what’s better than a good crosshair and a headshot? Well, the price is what’s better, for only 0.40$ you can paint the map environment with this stunning art.