Best Engraved CS2 Skins: Part 2

Best Engraved CS2 Skins: Part 2

Colorful and vibrant skins are the most popular in Counter Strike 2. However, there is a niche of players who enjoy the opposite with more realistic finishes such as military inspired or metal engraved or etched skins.

Metal engraved skins are classy, often acquired by players with a sense of uniqueness and flair instead of following the mass and getting the basic popular skins.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best engraved CS2 skins, so strap in and check out the BitSkins marketplace to get them at the lowest prices.



There’s a plethora of options for the Glock-18 depending on your preference. And since all of them are relatively cheap, you can even acquire more than one to switch from time to time.

The Glock-18 | Royal Legion is a great choice with its orange base and engraved leaves. The original submission for the skin contained 56 total items as part of the “Royal” collection, referring to different topics and areas.

Five skins from the collection have successfully made it into the game, and will all be on our list.

Other options for the the default T side pistol are: Brass, Ironwork and Wraiths.


Opposite to the Glock-18, one of the default CT side pistols has only one engraved skin; The USP-S | Lead Conduit, from the previously mentioned collection.

The USP-S | Stainless is an honorable mention since it has a metal look, although without engravings.

CZ75-Auto | Victoria

Despite the weapon’s decrease in popularity amongst players, it has a skin that fits our loadout.

Decorated with gold accents and hand-engraved with a scroll pattern, the CZ75-AUTO | Victoria is a covert pistol skin you can’t go wrong with.

Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts

With the way this loadout is going with the pistols so far, you’ll get a classy inventory painted in silver and gold. The Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts, as its name suggests, gives a royal touch of flair with a beautiful emerald green with golden engravings around it.

A high float Battle-Scarred condition for this skin will eliminate the black color base and give a pure golden and silver pistol.

P250 | Cartel

The cartel has amazing engravings throughout the entire skin, but the most prominent engraving is the Cinco de Mayo Skull on the grip.

Desert Eagle

For the Desert Eagle, both the Naga and Corinthian are exquisite options, with the latter being the less favorable for the excessive engravings and copper color.

The wooden handle with a skull on the Naga makes it more unique and a prime skin for the loadout.


There aren’t as many engraved skins for the Submachine Guns with the MAC-10 Graven and PP-Bizon Brass as the only options.

The SMGs aren’t used as often as rifles, and luckily there’s an engraved skin for every main rifle to complete our inventory.


AK-47 | Cartel

The level of detail is immaculate — skulls, snakes and flowers decorate the AK-47 Cartel creating an artwork easily described as a masterpiece.

The skulls make the most out of this skin, with different placements around the weapon. A triangle with an eye resembling the Illuminati logo can also be seen. But that doesn’t come close to the importance of the “Hasta Siempre” written on top of the gun. A reference to a famous song; “Hasta Siempre, Comandante” which translates to “Until Forever, Commander”.

It’s a 1965 song by Carlos Puebla. The song's lyrics are a reply to revolutionary Che Guevara's farewell letter when he left Cuba in order to encourage revolution in the Congo and later Bolivia, where he was captured and killed.The R.I.P. acronyms after “Hasta Siempre” to wish eternal peace to the revolutionist.

The Cartel has been the only engraved AK-47 skin for the longest. However, exactly one year ago, we received The Steel Delta from the Anubis Collection as a cheaper option.

M4A1-S | Basilisk

Engraved with a Basilisk on the side with carbon black touches on the magazine, buttstock, forend, and suppressor. This skin is a direct upgrade to the default.

If you prefer the M4A4, then the Royal Paladin is a great alternative which will fit perfectly with the previous yellow/golden skins. Otherwise, The recently released Etch Lord is another good skin to acquire.

AWP | Duality

This AWP skin was initially released as a replacement for the DMCA’d AWP | Doodle Lore, although not perfect, the details on it makes it the closest thing to an engraved skin for the weapon to complete our loadout.

If that doesn’t satisfy you and your pockets go really deep, then an AWP | Prince or Gungnir would certainly be a better fit.