The Most Expensive Sticker From Every CS:GO Major

The Most Expensive Sticker From Every CS:GO Major

For nearly 10 years, CS:GO’s official “Majors” have not only created one of the largest professional esport environments, but they have also brought the CS:GO skins community thousands of stickers. Now, with CS:GO coming to a close, we can look back at all of the incredible major stickers that we have had over the years by highlighting the most expensive sticker from each of the 19 majors.

Paris 2023: m0NESY (Gold)

At just 18 years old, m0NESY is one of the most talented prodigies in the current CS:GO scene, and thus his sticker is by far the most expensive. He played for G2 in the Paris 2023 major, and his sticker is currently selling for $140 on BitSkins, 7% cheaper than the Steam Community Market.

Rio 2022: ZywOo (Gold)

Like m0NESY, ZywOo is a talented prodigy who has gained a large fanbase and is easily one of the most popular players in the current CS:GO scene. His Rio 2022 sticker currently sells for $200 on Steam.

Antwerp 2022: m0NESY (Gold)

Antwerp 2022 was the long-awaited major debut of m0NESY, and thus his sticker gained extreme popularity from the start. Although G2 didn’t perform too well, his sticker still amassed a value of $186.

Stockholm 2021: MOUZ (Gold)

As the first team sticker on this list, the MOUZ gold currently sits at a value of $200. Although the team placed 12th-14th in the tournament, the community loved their new logo and name, and the sticker has since skyrocketed in popularity.

2020 RMR: Tyloo (Gold)

Although the 2020 RMR stickers are widely considered to be some of the worst in all of CS:GO, there are still a few diamonds in the rough, including the Tyloo (Gold) sticker that currently sells for about $20 on Steam.

Berlin 2019: DickStacy (Gold)

We don’t think we have to explain why this sticker is so popular, but it is clear that the CS:GO community’s immaturity is a powerful thing, as it has boosted this stickers price to $385 on BitSkins, which is a $73 discount from the current Steam Community Market listings.

Katowice 2019: DickStacy (Gold)

Berlin 2019 wasnt the first time that DickStacy swept the CS:GO world with his signature, and this one is even more pricy, currently sitting at $749 on BitSkins, a whopping $401(34% off!) cheaper than the Steam Community Market’s listing of $1150.

London 2018: Twistzz (Gold)

While this sticker doesn't look too special at first glance, its astonishing price point of $930 can be attributed to its scarcity, with just two of them currently listed on the market.

Boston 2018: captainMo (Gold)

Just like the Twistzz (Gold), this sticker is nothing too special in terms of appearance. While it does look slightly more unique than the average sticker, the real reason for its expensive price is thanks to its scarcity, with just one captainMo (Gold) for sale right now.

Krakow 2017: keshandr (Gold)

If you know a little bit about CS:GO stickers, it is likely that you have heard of the keshandr (Gold) from Krakow 2017. Keshandr’s unique shark design in his signature has made it one of the most iconic stickers in all of CS:GO, and it currently sells for upwards of $7200.

Atlanta 2017: s1mple (Foil)

With current Steam Community Market listings near $615, the most expensive Atlanta 2017 sticker is slightly more reasonably priced than some of the previous few, and its price is mainly caused by s1mple’s popularity. As one of, if not the best CS:GO player of all time, s1mple’s stickers always fetch a high value, regardless of how cool or unique the autograph is.

Cologne 2016: s1mple (Foil)

S1mple makes another appearance on this list with his Cologne 2016 sticker, which you can find on BitSkins for just $300. While the sticker itself is not too interesting, the name behind it is so iconic that the sticker is guaranteed to be expensive.

Columbus 2016: s1mple (Foil)

Let's save each other some time, as you already know why this sticker is so expensive. They say time is money, and if you want to save even more money than time, you can buy this sticker from BitSkins for $25 cheaper than Steam at just $124.99.

Cluj-Napoca 2015: NiKo (Foil)

Before s1mple’s stickers became the most popular and expensive, it was NiKo’s signature that got the most attention. Currently selling for about $460 on Steam, the sticker’s price is mainly due to NiKo’s popularity and icon status.

Cologne 2015: shroud (Foil)

Although you might expect prices to increase as we go further down the line, this shroud (Foil) sticker from Cologne 2015 is relatively cheap compared to the others on this list at just $153 on Steam. The sticker price is mainly caused by Shroud’s popularity thanks to his streaming career.

Katowice 2015: Vox Eminor (Holo)

As we almost reach the end of our list, we have finally gotten to our first Holo sticker, which features a very nice yellow and orange holographic design. You can buy one of these super cool-looking stickers from BitSkins for just $1315, which is $442 cheaper than the Steam Community Market’s current listings.

DreamHack 2014: Team Dignitas (Holo)

At “just” $440, the Team Dignitas (Holo) sticker from DreamHack 2014 is far cheaper than some of the other stickers on this list, but it is still a popular sticker thanks to its incredibly appealing design.

Cologne 2014: Team Dignitas (Holo)

The CS:GO skins community likes the Cologne 2014 version of the Team Dignitas (Holo) better than the DreamHack 2014 version, as reflected in its $1100 price tag.

Katowice 2014: Titan (Holo)

Katowice 2014 is known for having the most iconic, expensive, and attractive stickers. While there have been many debates between the Titan and iBUYPOWER holo stickers as being the best Katowice 2014 holo, the Titan (Holo) is the most expensive. The cheapest listing for a Titan (Holo) is $83,583, but a more conservative estimate places its value around $60,000!