TOP 10 Best Cheap AWP Skins in CS2

TOP 10 Best Cheap AWP Skins in CS2

AWPs are one of the most important weapons in CS2, and thus it is common for players to allocate a good-sized portion of their inventory value towards their AWP skin(s). But don’t be deterred by the Dragon Lores and Gungnirs, because there are countless great AWP skins affordable for any budget. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best cheap AWP skins in CS2.

AWP | Pit Viper

If you are on a smaller budget, then the AWP | Pit Viper is the way to go. The skin, which is currently approaching its 10th birthday on the 27th of November, features a green snakeskin pattern and is a great base skin for green crafts. You can currently find more than 1,600 Pit Vipers listed on BitSkins for up to 25% cheaper than the Steam Community Market!

AWP | Phobos

Despite being just barely more expensive than the prior skin on this list, the AWP | Phobos is a big upgrade from the Pit Viper. The Phobos combines an arrangement of green shades and yellow accents into a modern military weapon design, and you can currently find it on BitSkins in Minimal Wear Condition for 33% cheaper than Steam!


Hailing from the 2021 Train Collection, the AWP | POP AWP features an assortment of varying shades of red, white, and blue in a retro design that is very versatile with crafts, especially thanks to the skin’s solid black scope. You can pick up some great POP AWP crafts on BitSkins for prices up to 20% cheaper than Steam!


Taking the top spot of the cutest skins in CS2, we have the AWP | PAW, which features a pattern-based design of a bunch of dogs and cats. Because the skin is pattern-based, certain patterns, such as the “stoner cat” or “golden cat” patterns can sell for more than the market price. But if you look closely, you may find some rare patterns on BitSkins for under Steam market value!

AWP | Mortis

This next skin is extremely detailed, shiny, and most importantly, very budget-friendly. Inspired by the Tarot card of Death, the skin features an elegant design of black, grey, brown, gold, red, white, and more, making it an incredible skin by itself or with stickers applied to it.

AWP | Atheris

In terms of “bang for your buck,” the AWP | Atheris is the best cheap AWP skin in CS2. The skin features a sleek black base with a detailed depiction of a green bush viper topped off with blue accents and a perfect snake scale scope. You can currently find hundreds of AWP | Atheris listings on BitSkins, some of which reach discounts of up to 30%.

AWP | Black Nile

This next skin is not only one of the best cheap AWP skins in CS2 but also the newest AWP skin in CS2 as of the creation of this article. The skin was recently featured in our Best 3D Skins article thanks to its topographical map design, which changes in color as the wear changes.

AWP | Fever Dream

This next finish is also available on the SSG 08, making it one of the very few finishes available on both the AWP and the Scout. Its disturbing design features a black base with pink and blue text and images throughout the body and the scope of the skin. Best of all, you can find this skin on BitSkins for discounts of up to 27% compared to the Steam Community Market price!

AWP | Duality

If you are familiar with the situation surrounding the Revolution Case, you might be sad to see this skin. Originally called the AWP | Doodle Lore with a very different design, it was replaced by the Duality due to copyright issues. The Duality features a detailed design of a snake with an elegant gold border and currently sells for more than 30% cheaper than Steam on BitSkins.

AWP | Chromatic Aberration

Finishing off our list, we have the only covert AWP skin that is cheap enough to be considered on this list, and it sure is an amazing skin. It features a pearlescent pink, white, and black design that has been intentionally offset so that when the skin is inspected, it appears as if there is a holograph sticking out of the skin!