TOP 10 Best Cheap USP-S Skins in CS2

TOP 10 Best Cheap USP-S Skins in CS2

Continuing our latest series of covering the best cheap skins of different weapons in CS2, today we present to you the best budget options for the USP-S. Being one of the most influential weapons in the whole game, deciding the CT pistol round, why not treat yourself to a skin buff to get some crispy one taps without draining your wallet?

USP-S | The Traitor

Starting off strong, we have The Traitor. This skin with its intricate red and gold pattern will match beautifully with any red inventory, especially with the AK-47 Empress. This is however on the expensive side compared to other USP-S skins in this list, being $10.60 on Steam, or $8.36 on Bitskins, but totally worth it for its price.

USP-S | Cyrex

If you are looking for some more skins to fit in a red inventory, the Cyrex is a very nice alternative to The Traitor. With its black and white background with clean red overlay lines, it is one of the best and most popular budget options for the USP-S. It will cost only $1.33 for a Field-Tested condition on Steam, or $1.25 on Bitskins.

USP-S | Torque

Continuing the simple aesthetics found in the Cyrex previously, this next skin is almost a carbon copy of it, but if you prefer a different color palette. USP-S | Torque features black and white backgrounds, also with clean yellow lines and accents. Not only does this skin look good, but it’s also great for your wallet, costing only $0.88 on Steam for a Field-Tested quality and $0.74 on Bitskins.

USP-S | Cortex

Released in 2018, the USP-S | Cortex is still looking as fresh as ever, with its graffiti-like design of pink smoke rising from the skull of a skeleton drifting to the barrel spelling USP. This fun design will cost $2.58 on Steam, or save up to 30% using Bitskins.

USP-S | Neo-Noir

The USP-S | Neo-Noir envelopes your weapon in a mysterious allure, seamlessly mixing comic-like artwork into a cyberpunk theme. The woman depicted in this skin is composed of sleek black and white artwork with fluorescent neon accents. This beauty is a bit on the expensive side, costing $11.99 on BitSkins, but totally worth it.

USP-S | Blueprint

If you are looking for a budget option for the USP-S that fits into any blue thematic inventory, this skin is perfect for you. USP-S | Blueprint features a blank blueprint, which you get to decide what happens on this battlefield. Best of all, aside from the clean design, this skin only costs $5.20 from BitSkins.

USP-S | Black Lotus

This USP-S skin brings a deadly yet elegant aurora to your weapon: The USP-S | Black Lotus. This intricate design of a purple flower upon a purple background, and a black for the rest of the gun surprisingly only costs $0.72 on BitSkins.

USP-S | Ticket to Hell

If you're a fan of a more metal design, consider the USP-S | Ticket to Hell. Released in the Dreams and Nightmares Collection, it is quite a nightmare. This skin is blacked out, with the exception of white additions, like barcodes, QR codes, and the words “Dead Silence” on the silencer, and “Ticket to Hell” on the body of the weapon. This skin will cost only $0.23 on BitSkins.

USP-S | Flashback

Sticking with this theme, we have the USP-S | Flashback. This is one of the most popular collections, also featured on the M4A1-S. It is quite ironic, because of its green wartime camo, yet clad with a peace symbol. And of course, you can’t miss the words “Born to Clutch” on the body. Best of all, it will only cost $0.45 on BitSkins.

USP-S | Blood Tiger

The Blood Tiger skin is a black and red jungle tiger camouflage design, with some green accents. The skin was released back in July 2014, in the Esports 2014 summer case, and this will only cost $3.10 in Field-Tested condition.