Top 10 Butterfly Knives in CS2

Top 10 Butterfly Knives in CS2

In this BitSkins article, we’ll explore the top Butterfly Knife finishes that have captivated players around the world. The Butterfly Knife, with its unique satisfying animations, mechanism, and intricate design, is not just a weapon but a statement of style in the CS2 community.

Butterfly Knife | Fade

Kicking off our list is the Butterfly Knife Fade. This finish boasts a mesmerizing gradient that transitions from a deep, metallic red to a vibrant, fiery orange. Each knife’s fade pattern is distinct, with some showcasing a higher concentration of colors, making them highly sought after. The Fade is a sought-after gem, commanding high prices due to its availability exclusively in factory new or minimal wear conditions.

Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade

Next up is the Butterfly Knife Marble Fade. It’s a similar fade full of color, blending red, blue, and yellow in a pattern that resembles marbled stone. The unique pattern of the Marble Fade means the knives can vary wildly in color. It’s a finish that’s both bold and beautiful, perfect for those who want to make a colorful splash.

Butterfly Knife | Doppler

The Butterfly Knife Doppler is a classic finish on a great knife.  available in phases that range from deep dark blues to bright vibrant sapphire. The Doppler finish is a collector’s dream, with certain phases like the rare Ruby and Sapphire variants being the crown jewels of any collection.

Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth

The Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth is as fierce as it sounds. It features a sleek, golden blade with tiger stripe patterns etched across its surface.

Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel

The Butterfly Knife Blue Steel is an understated knife with a blue tint to the cold steel blade. Its blade sports a dark, metallic blue hue, giving it a stealthy yet sophisticated look. The Blue Steel finish is for those who prefer their style to be both subtle and impactful.

Butterfly Knife | Stained

For a more subdued aesthetic, the Butterfly Knife Stained is a perfect choice. Its blade has a silver base with a patina of dark stains, giving it a battle-hardened look.

Butterfly Knife | Boreal Forest

The Butterfly Knife Boreal Forest is a finish that blends into the wild. Its camouflage pattern of muted greens and browns is ideal for those who prefer a realistic tactical look.

Butterfly Knife | Scorched

The Butterfly Knife Scorched brings the heat with its burnt, earthy tones. The mottled brown and black pattern gives the impression of a weapon that was left in a fiery wreckage and has been reborn like a phoenix.

Butterfly Knife | Night

The Butterfly Knife Night is a dark black blade with a deep, matte black finish. It’s a sleek and stealthy choice, perfect for those who don't want to attract too much attention with their knife.

Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked

For a more urban feel, the Butterfly Knife Urban Masked features a bright grayscale camouflage pattern that is best suited for a cold urban setting.