Top 10 Cheap MP5-SD Skins

Top 10 Cheap MP5-SD Skins

By: Poopcie

Though the MP5 has fallen out of favor in CS2, it still has unique benefits provided by its suppressor. In part of our series highlighting the top cheap skins for weapons in CS2, we switch our spotlight now onto this silently and deadly SMG: The MP5-SD. These skins we have chosen in our list not only look the best but are also extremely affordable, especially if you purchase these right here on BitSkins, for discounts up to 40 percent!

MP5-SD | Phosphor

To begin this list, we have the MP5-SD | Phosphor. Just as the flavor text on this weapon suggests, when you use this skin, you for sure stand out among the crowd. Its neon radioactive dust on top of your weapon provides a refreshing burst of color, securing its spot on this list. This skin will be the most expensive option on this list, being $2.70 in the Field-Tested Condition, but for sure worth it for its unique design.

MP5-SD | Gauss

If you dig the unique design featured in the MP5-SD | Phosphor, also consider purchasing the MP5-SD | Gauss. This skin has an almost 3D design, with pipes and a very jerry-rigged design, making it look like a weapon constructed from scraps found in a junkyard. If you enjoy this design, it will cost just $0.19 in the Field-Tested Condition on BitSkins, an almost 37% discount from Steam!

MP5-SD | Liquidation

Switching gears to a simpler aesthetic, we present to you the MP5-SD | Liquidation. This skin features a very clean blue background with neon purple and red accent lines, making the body of this weapon look almost reflective. This is a perfect option if you have some spare balance lying around, as this skin will cost just $0.06, and you can spice this design up even more by slapping some nice blue-themed stickers on there!

MP5-SD | Condition Zero

Staying with the simpler look presented in our last skin, we have the MP5-SD | Condition Zero. This top-budget option for the MP5 has a clean yellow and black color contrast, with prismatic geometric designs on its body and triangular patterns found on its suppressor. This is a great option for a top cheap MP5 skin, as you can buy this in the Field-Tested Condition for just $0.41!

MP5-SD | Co-Processor

The MP5-SD | Co-Processor was released back in the 2018 Nuke Collection but still stands strong today as a solid cheap MP5 skin. It has a unique blue background, inlaid with the pattern of a motherboard. This can be found in the Field-Tested Condition right here on BitSkins for just $0.16!

MP5-SD | Agent

Continuing with the blue theme found in our latest skin, the MP5-SD | Agent has a similar blue theme, but is now inlaid with the notable color scheme of the FBI, along with the letters “FBI” in yellow printed on the body of the weapon. This skin will be right at home in any blue-themed inventory or can go very well with any blue crafts. Best of all, this skin costs just $0.52 in the Field-Tested Condition!

MP5-SD | Kitbash

Like the MP5-SD | Agent, this next skin also features elements and art styles unique to the Counter-Terroist side. Armed with this roughed-up and duct-taped weapon with the renowned CT symbol painted on its body, you are ready to fight off any T rush attacking your bomb site. This skin goes in the Field-Tested Condition on BitSkins for just $0.33!

MP5-SD | Necro Jr.

Of all the top cheap MP5-SD skins in this list, the MP5-SD | Necro Jr. features probably the most unique design… or should I say the weirdest design. This skin features a goofy art style of aliens on the body along with a chicken head extended on its suppressor. If this is your vibe, totally go for it, as it is only $0.05 in the Field-Tested Condition!

MP5-SD | Lab Rats

This skin is one of the most popular cheap skins for the MP5, due to its distinctive eerie vibe. This skin features a collage of dead lab rats, with the only source of light being their luminescent eyes. Quite a creepy option, but if you want to pick this up, it will be just $0.13 in the Field-Tested Condition!

MP5-SD | Acid Wash

Finishing this list of the top cheap MP5-SD skins, we have the MP5-SD | Acid Wash! This skin features a design like no other, with a metallic body washed over with acid, making an almost Damascus pattern. This skin will run you $1.25 for a Field-Tested variant on BitSkins, saving you 12% compared to the Steam Marketplace. Get good deals like this by purchasing the skins on this list right here on BitSkins, to add even more to your savings. Have a good day!