Top 10 Cheap UMP-45 Skins

Top 10 Cheap UMP-45 Skins

In today’s article, we add to our series by highlighting the Top 10 Cheap Skins for all weapons in CS2, a series that can be found on our BitSkins Blog Page. This article will dive into the best budget skin options for the UMP-45, which not only looks amazing but is also friendly for any budget. You can spice up your inventory for even cheaper by purchasing these skins right here on BitSkins, for discounts of up to 40%!

UMP-45 | Wild Child

Launching this list off with one of the most vibrant skins the UMP has to offer, we present the UMP-45 | Wild Child. Just as the name suggests, this skin looks like it was designed by a child overloaded with sugar, with cartoonish design elements like bullets drawn on the mag and the bubble letters “Clutch or Kick” drawn in the middle of the weapon. This hectic mash of blue, yellow, and pink will run you about $1.76 in Field-Tested on BitSkins, which saves you a crazy 35% compared to the prices on Steam!

UMP-45 | Motorized

Though not as vibrant, the UMP-45 | Motorized will definitely give the last skin in our list a run for its uniqueness. This top-budget skin for the UMP is one of the better-executed 3D skins in CS2, with a steam engine-like system with pistons and motors embedded in the body of the weapon. In Field-Tested, this skin will cost just $0.23, totally worth it for its unique design!

UMP-45 | Plastique

If you thought that’s all the UMP-45 has to offer, you are completely wrong. The UMP-45 | Plastique is an actual ticking bomb, with explosives strapped to the body of the weapon and the infamous timer with wires attached to the body. It’s surprising a skin as distinctive as this costs only $0.46 in Field-Tested!

UMP-45 | Exposure

UMP-45 | Exposure is marked by its unique and fun design of an X-ray taken of the UMP, but that’s not it. When taking a closer look, you realize the absolute comedic design of this top cheap UMP skin, with its ribcage as the center of the weapon along with a single foot stemming from its mag, and little arms as its handle and grip. This fun little design will run you just $0.36 in Field-Tested and is sure to make anyone spectating you chuckle.

UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber

Switching gears completely, we have the UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber. This budget UMP skin is completely blacked out, making it perfect for any crafts you’d like. Best of all, you can buy this from any spare cash lying around from sources like crate drops, as it’s only $0.11 for Factory-New!

UMP-45 | Moonrise

Talking about artwork only, this skin is for sure the best budget UMP skin of them all. This skin depicts a beautiful city skyline similar to that of New York’s, with a reflective lake under it and a blood moon setting the red atmosphere. If you dig this red-themed design, it will run you just $0.29 in Field-Tested!

UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf skin-line has been consistently making it to the top of our top 10 cheap lists, and it is no different for the UMP. This skin-line features a flowy white coat found on a wolf, in a white, grey, and black color scheme. This skin can be found on BitSkins in Field-Tested for just $0.28!

UMP-45 | Scaffold

Just like the UMP-45 | Motorized featured previously on this list, we now present the UMP-45 | Scaffold, a similarly well-executed 3D skin. This skin includes a prismatic design, with an aquamarine color scheme giving serious Minecraft ocean temple vibes. Like an elder guardian, once you have this skin, you are bound to start beaming down enemies left and right. This skin will run you about $1.18 in Field-Tested if you buy on BitSkins, which provides you a 21% discount!

UMP-45 | Primal Saber

Continuing our list of the top cheap UMP skins, we have one of the more fierce designs. This skin has the skull of a primal saber painted on the body of the weapon, with its fierce fang dragging down the long mag of the UMP. To purchase this badass skin, it’ll be just $1.77 in Field-Tested!

UMP-45 | Momentum

To end this list off with a bang, we have the UMP-45 | Momentum. This skin features one of the cleanest color palettes found in this list, with a nice gradient between red and blue. Inspecting the weapon's body, arrows point from the stock to the barrel, fueling any rush onto a site. This skin is on the expensive side, being $2.70 in Field-Tested, but as always, remember there are huge savings to be earned by purchasing these through BitSkins! Have a good day.